▷ Child psychiatrist Michael Winterhoff from Bonn closes his practice

06.12.2021 – 09:38

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Bonn (ots)

The controversial child psychiatrist Michael Winterhoff will close his practice in Bonn on Friday, December 10th. This is what the Bonner General-Anzeiger reports.

Winterhoff announced the closure on his practice’s website. “Since I have now reached retirement age for a while, it is time to make room for younger colleagues and to retire,” it says there.

Serious allegations are made against Michael Winterhoff. The Bonn child and adolescent psychiatrist is said to have given children the same, technically controversial diagnosis systematically and without an actual anamnesis and prescribed psychotropic drugs for them without medical indication – sometimes without the consent of the guardians. Winterhoff rejects the allegations.

According to information from the General-Anzeiger, a formal investigation against Michael Winterhoff was initiated by the Bonn public prosecutor’s office at the end of September. Winterhoff would then officially be considered a suspect. The public prosecutor’s office in Bonn confirmed that there was an investigation against “a child psychiatrist from Bonn”. According to information from Monday, there are a number of criminal charges against Winterhoff in the “low double-digit range”.

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