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Church services, kosher food, rites that are thousands of years old and of course many conversations: SWR reporters Kai Diezemann and Niko Zakarias live for seven days in the Jewish community in Koblenz during the week of the Hanukkah festival. SWR television will show “7 days … Jewish life” on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, from 8:15 pm. Then with “I am a Jew – The Young Generation” by Nicola Graef and Lena Scheidgen, a report can be seen about three Jewish women who go their own way.

Avadislav Avadiev leads across the cemetery. He is the chairman of the Jewish community in Koblenz, whose origins go back to the beginning of the 12th century. Old weathered tombstones stand in a row. Mr Avadiev tells their bitter story: They were brought back here after the war, after the National Socialists had used them as building material for a staircase at the Koblenz freight yard. From 1942 Jews from Koblenz had to use these stairs to climb to the freight wagons that took them to the extermination camps in the east.

Only a few returned to Koblenz

Few people of Jewish faith came back after the war and formed a small community. It was only with the arrival of Eastern European Jews in the 1990s that the congregation grew again to over 1,000 members. But how do they live today?

Guest during the Hanukkah celebrations

The SWR reporters Kai Diezemann and Niko Zakarias are guests in the Jewish community in Koblenz for a week. It is the week of Hanukkah, the festival of lights that Jews around the world celebrate for eight days. It will be a week with church services, lots of kosher food, rites that are thousands of years old and of course many encounters and conversations. What does it mean for people in Germany today to profess the Jewish faith?

Three young Jewish women report – How do they live their faith?

What does it mean today to be Jewish as a young woman in Germany? How heavy is the tradition of Judaism and what role does faith play? The documentary “I am a Jew – The Young Generation” accompanies blogger Linda, the prospective primary school teacher Rina and Helene, who is currently training to be a rabbi, from 9 p.m. Helene Braun describes herself as a liberal Jew and, in addition to her studies in Jewish theology, attends the “Abraham Geiger College” in Potsdam. “I couldn’t imagine not living according to Jewish traditions, but I’m just as committed to queer and diverse Judaism.”

The young generation goes their own way

Rina is 29 years old and lives as a devout Jew in a strictly Orthodox community. Even though she is already divorced and a single mother. The wig she wore as a married Jew is still in her closet. “I’ll wear a wig again when I get married again, and that’s my plan.” Linda Rachel Sabiers was best known for her column on Jewish life in the magazine of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. The 36-year-old married a non-Jewish man, which is considered a minor “rule violation”. Her father is also non-Jewish, but since he was married to her mother, just like Linda and Noa, he has lived according to Jewish custom at home. Three women, three different models, living the Jewish faith and tradition. They reflect the young generation of Jewish women who go their own way. They all share a desire to be better understood; But they are all united by the fear that social hostility will tend to increase rather than decrease and it will take some time before Jewish people in Germany can easily show that they are Jewish.


SWR TV will broadcast “7 Days … Jewish Living” from the series “7 Days …” on Wednesday, December 15, 2021, from 8:15 pm. Then the film “I am a Jew – The Young Generation” can be seen. Both productions are after the broadcast and then on for 12 months ardmediathek.de retrievable.

“7 days … living Jewish” can also be seen on the SWR documentary channel on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/SWRDoku.

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