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Munich (ots)

The 9th matchday is on at easyCredit BBL, but the clubs’ concerns are growing with the return of the ghost games. “The ball sports that are not football have a real problem – and an existential problem”, says ALBA managing director Marco Baldi and criticizes the fact that no state subsidies have been promised for the clubs without audience income: “If so stays, then it will be gloomy. ” The President of easyCredit BBL, Alexander Reil, also appealed: “I thought we were further. Also when it comes to the differentiation of measures. I hope that there will be at least appropriate help here.” Reil calls for “finally to act strategically.” About the sport: Berlin dominated against the NINERS Chemnitz in the second half, taking an 83:62 victory without any threat. “We have shown that we are strong over 40 minutes,” said a happy Louis Olinde, who was an important driving force behind the win against Milan. FC Bayern defends the championship lead with an 82:68 victory in Weißenfels and can extend their top position against Heidelberg on Monday (live from 6.45 p.m.).

Below are the most important voices of the match day – if you use it, please name the source MagentaSport.

Reil: “I thought we were further. Also when it comes to the differentiation of measures.”

In the half-time between the MHP Riesen Ludwigsburg and s.Oliver Würzburg, Alexander Reil, President of the MHP Riesen and the AG BBL, commented on ghost games and the associated economic consequences: “I thought we are further. Also what the differentiation of If you value the exclusion of viewers a bit as symbolic politics, in the hope that it will make people behave even more disciplined, then it may be right On the other hand, to show pictures from stadiums or halls with up to 50,000 spectators. We have to differentiate more. With a concept with 2Gplus, the likelihood of infections being passed on is very low. That is what it will be about now, in the next few weeks and months, strategically proceed. “

Without financial aid it would otherwise look very difficult: “I think that it has to be a bit of a matter of course that we need to talk about continuing such aid … I hope that there will at least be appropriate aid here.”

Baldi: “The ball sports that are not soccer have a real problem – and an existential problem at that!”

Before the game, ALBA’s managing director Marco Baldi commented on the possible ghost games and measures: “I am not one of those who know everything better and complain. You have to understand and understand these measures. I don’t want to judge whether everything is correct is … We are part of society and we also do our part, but you also have to know that ball sports that are not soccer have a real problem – an existential problem … Now it is currently so that it is only reduced, but the help is not there. And if it stays that way, then it will be gloomy. “

ALBA Berlin – NINERS Chemnitz 83:62

That was a successful weekend for the Albatrosses: first Milan defeated in the EuroLeague, then won confidently against Chemnitz – 5th place in the BBL with close contact with the top. Tim Schneider, 13 points, on the sovereign victory: “We ran really well. In the end we showed what a deep squad we have and we plowed through to the end. But so did Chemnitz. It was a very tough game and a good, important victory. “

Louis Olinde: “Chemnitz is a very, very good team, but we have shown that we are also strong over 40 minutes. Chemnitz couldn’t do that today.”

After the defeat, Chemnitz is in 9th place. Malte Ziegenhagen: “I think that we actually played pretty well in the first half. In the second half we couldn’t quite keep up … but if you don’t then it can always happen that you have a 0:15 run. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky in many situations. “

SYNTAINICS MBC – FC Bayern Munich 68:82

FC Bayern wins in Weißenfels and confidently defends the championship lead in the end. Andreas Obst was correspondingly happy after the game: “I’m very happy that we won the game in the end. Especially after we had a very intense game in the EuroLeague the day before yesterday. We got off to a bumpy start, but then we got together increased and won the game on the defensive. “

After the 5th bankruptcy in a row, the MBC is getting deeper and deeper into the relegation battle. With 6 points, the team is in 15th place in the table. Kostja Mushidi: “First of all, many thanks to the fans. They created the right energy in the hall … We showed energy today. We had phases in which we didn’t score. That can happen, but then you have to play well in defense and we didn’t do that. “

Brose Bamberg – medi Bayreuth 84:87

Medi Bayreuth wins the duel between Upper Franconia and fights for the playoff places. Kevin Wohlrath: “We wanted to defend aggressively, as we did in the last few games. We did very well. We eliminated their key players. We made mistakes, but in the end we still did a good job and keep calm. “

For Brose Bamberg there should be no victory under the new coach Oren Amiel. The result means 10th place. Patrick Heckmann annoyed “the defense in any case. Bayreuth scores almost 90 points here. They got a lot of open throws that we defended poorly.”

Telekom Baskets Bonn – EWE Baskets Oldenburg 78:76

The Bonn team are celebrating their fourth win in a row and are firmly in second place behind Bayern Munich. Parker Jackson-Cartwright, 21 points, was flat after the narrow victory: “That was a tough battle. Oldenburg is a good team with good players . Rickey Paulding has given us big problems several times. Everyone has games like this in the BBL. You can be beaten by anyone. That’s why I take my hat off to our performance, that we have always been there. “

Oldenburg loses a close game against Telekom Baskets Bonn and remains bottom of the table. Rickey Paulding, 25 points, was annoyed after the new bankruptcy: “We had the opportunity to win here. But in defense we sometimes let something be forgotten and Bonn has been a good team for the entire season. They punish you.”

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easyCredit BBL

From 6.45 p.m .: FC Bayern Munich – MLP Academics Heidelberg

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easyCredit BBL

From 8.15 p.m .: Telekom Baskets Bonn – MLP Academics Heidelberg

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