▷ China Matters documents the past and present of the city of Zhongshan

03.12.2021 – 17:41

China Matters

Beijing, China (ots)

What makes Zhongshan City so special? What does she do differently? Zhongshan is the birthplace of the 1911 Chinese Revolution that ended the country’s millennia-old empire. The city is named after Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who led the revolution to change the course of history in China. And decades later, he is still revered in the city as a visionary and revolutionary. As the city remembers its past, it has used its legacy to build its future by revolutionizing its industries and transforming itself beyond being a historic city. From food and culture to sightseeing and technology, Zhongshan is now a modern and inclusive city, keen to welcome the international community to build the world’s first immersed tunnel under the sea that could be groundbreaking, and microwaves for Create space missions! Seeing is really believing. China Matters has sent its team of overseas presenters to explore, experience, and document what the city has to offer in a range of videos, from breaking news reports to vlogs and much more. You ask how the past shapes your present while your present reflects your history?

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