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01.12.2021 – 21:45


Bonn (ots)

CDU politician Norbert Röttgen has made it clear that, in his opinion, the members of both parties should have the floor in the event of conflicting views of the CDU and CSU about the candidate for chancellor. “If it happens again that there are different opinions, the members of the CDU and CSU have to decide if necessary. We need broad legitimation, and not that of a body,” said Röttgen on the television station phoenix. This year, the CDU federal executive board ultimately decided what caused a lack of understanding on the ground. “I think this procedure was not the right one,” said Röttgen.

The candidate for the CDU chairmanship announced that he would like to promote women more resolutely in the future and that he would also take them into account when appointing offices. “If we want it on the lower levels, we have to live it on the upper level.” It is therefore clear to him that at least one top position in the party must currently go to a woman. “If there is no woman as party leader and no woman as group leader, then there has to be a general secretary, otherwise we have a 100% male quota,” said Röttgen, who added: “For me, it is essential that we have a general secretary to have.”

In the future, the CDU will also have to score points on socio-political issues, where there have been omissions. “We neglected the social issues, hardships, problems and pressures of very many people not only in the election campaign, but also there,” said Röttgen.

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