▷ Merz threatens CDU members in AfD cooperation with exclusion from the party

01.12.2021 – 21:48


Bonn (ots)

As CDU party chairman, Friedrich Merz would take decisive action against CDU members who did not adhere to the ban on cooperation with the AfD, which the federal executive had already decided in the past. “A violation of the decision made by the federal executive board can and will go hand in hand with an expulsion procedure from the party under my leadership. I hope that we don’t have to do that,” said the chairman candidate on the television station phoenix and in the evening added: “It is clear to us that there is no cooperation.”

The fact that he is now running for the third time has a lot to do with the fact that the base now decides on the new CDU boss. “I always had the feeling that I had a lot of approval with the party.” With the Bundestag mandate won, he is now completely back in politics, which gives him further advantages over the previous rounds. “I have decided to make this offer for this phase of my life.” Merz let it be known that at the moment he has no ambitions to access the parliamentary group chairmanship in an election. “The question has been answered. Ralph Brinkhaus is chairman of the parliamentary group and we are now electing the party chairman.”

Merz announced that he would personally campaign to win more women as candidates in elections for the CDU in the future. He will also make that very clear in the district associations. “We have to have a systematic personnel recruitment program, we have to promote talent and know who we actually have in the party who is suitable for such tasks.”

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