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Nuremberg (ots)

A year-on-year comparison of the asking prices of apartments in the urban and rural districts of Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg by immowelt shows:

  • In 123 of 126 urban and rural districts examined, purchase prices will increase from 2020 to 2021
  • Top prices in Munich and the surrounding area – purchase price increase by up to 21 percent
  • Significant price increase in smaller cities, increase of 16 percent in Ulm
  • Purchase prices in rural regions are climbing by up to 32 percent

Real estate prices are increasing significantly in southern Germany. In 123 of 126 urban and rural districts examined, the asking prices for condominiums rose within a year. In 88 districts the increase is even at least 10 percent. This is the result of an analysis by immowelt, for which the asking prices of apartments (existing without new construction, 40 to 120 square meters, offer period January to October 2020 and 2021) in 126 urban and rural districts in southern Germany were examined. Home ownership is becoming significantly more expensive, especially in rural regions and smaller cities. At its peak, prices have risen by 32 percent.

Top prices in and around Munich

Condominiums are still the most expensive in Munich. After an increase of 11 percent, a square meter in the Bavarian capital currently costs a median of 8,490 euros. Buyers also have to pay top prices for apartments in the Munich area. The districts of Munich (6,990 euros; +11 percent) and Starnberg (6,670 euros; +5 percent) have the highest housing prices in southern Germany after the Isar metropolis. In the Munich suburbs of Dachau (6,560 euros; +15 percent), Ebersberg (6,050 euros; +15 percent), Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen (5,690 euros; +21 percent) and Rosenheim (4,910 euros; +21 percent) prices are increasing for In percentage terms, condominiums are even higher than in the state capital. The high real estate prices in Munich have been ensuring growing demand and rising prices in the area around the metropolis for years. The corona pandemic, the possibility of home office, and the associated desire for more space and closeness to nature have further increased the shift in demand to the suburbs of large cities. That also shows a Study by the Ifo Institute and immowelt to the current living preferences.

Rising housing prices in smaller cities

In addition to the surrounding areas of metropolises, smaller cities are also increasingly moving into the focus of real estate buyers. North of Munich, Augsburg (4,470 euros; +13 percent) and Ingolstadt (4,500 euros; +14 percent) are showing significant increases in house prices. Both cities benefit from their fast train connections to the state capital and are experiencing strong demand for residential property. In other smaller large cities in Bavaria, condominiums are also costing more and more, for example in the urban districts of Würzburg (3,820 euros; +15 percent) and Erlangen (4,260 euros; +12 percent). The latter is significantly more expensive than the neighboring Nuremberg, which is more than four times the size (3,880 euros; +15 percent).

In Baden-Württemberg, too, apartment prices are increasing significantly in smaller cities. In Freiburg (5,090 euros), prices per square meter have increased by 14 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. This makes the city in Breisgau the most expensive district in the state and has even overtaken the state capital Stuttgart (4,940 euros; +10 percent). Ulm recorded the strongest percentage increase among the major cities examined. While the square meter cost a median of 3,640 euros a year ago, buyers currently have to reckon with 4,240 euros. That is an increase of 16 percent.

Significant price increases in the country

Buyers find cheap apartments mainly in rural regions away from the big cities. However, even here the prices rise sharply. In Baden-Württemberg, the districts of Freudenstadt (EUR 2,030; +18 percent) and Calw (EUR 2,470; +19 percent) in the Black Forest recorded significant price increases. The Neckar-Odenwald district (2,210 euros; +26 percent) even shows the strongest percentage increase of all the Baden-Württemberg districts examined.

Condominiums are also becoming significantly more expensive in northern Bavaria. In the district of Coburg (2,420 euros), prices per square meter have increased by a full 28 percent compared to the same period in the previous year. The Bad Kissingen district (2,220 euros) even recorded an increase of 32 percent. This is the strongest percentage increase of all the circles considered in the analysis.

Detailed tables of results for the 126 urban and rural districts examined are available for download here.

Owners who want to know what their property is worth can now contact the immowelt Price Map inform about the current price level.

Calculation basis:

The database for the calculation of the purchase prices were offers advertised on immowelt.de. Only offers that were increasingly in demand were taken into account. The prices are offer prices, not closing prices. The prices reflect the median of the apartments offered on immowelt.de between January and October 2020 and 2021 (existing buildings excluding new buildings, 40 to 120 square meters). The median is the mean value of the asking prices.

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