▷ Helge Braun wants much more grassroots participation in the CDU in the future

01.12.2021 – 21:50


Bonn (ots)

Should the outgoing Chancellor Helge Braun be elected as the new CDU federal chairman, he wants to give the CDU base far more rights of co-determination than before. “Many members still quarrel to this day because decisions were made at party congresses, partly also by the leadership without a party congress resolution,” said Braun, recalling issues such as the nuclear phase-out and the suspension of compulsory military service. “I think you can no longer lead a modern people’s party like that,” said Braun on the television station phoenix. Therefore, the election of the chairman should not remain an exception to the grassroots participation. “In today’s issues such as climate protection and pensions, we have to involve the members, and not just pro forma, so that they also notice that their suggestions are heard at the top of the party,” Braun continued. Incidentally, he does not claim to shape the image of the CDU as chairman alone. “A modern people’s party in 2022 must have different faces shine.”

In the event of contentious or personal issues between the CDU and CSU, there must be mechanisms in future to ensure that power struggles are avoided. “We have to create a body for this in the two people’s parties,” Braun was convinced.

The chairman candidate got his party in the mood for a difficult opposition period in the German Bundestag. “The opposition that lies before us is a completely different one that we have ever experienced. Everyone with whom we could form a coalition is now working together without us. And we are in opposition with the Left Party and AfD, with whom we decidedly not work together “, demanded Braun of his party” in many places “renewal of the content.

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