Preparing for the resumption of Jeju cruise tourism

Held an online briefing session for cruise officials in Taiwan and Japan
Promotion of customized tourism contents for cruise tourists

Jeju Special Self-Governing Province and Jeju Tourism Organization (President Eun-sook Ko) announced that they were holding an online briefing session for Taiwanese and Japanese cruise officials on November 30th and December 7th.

The cruise industry, which was completely suspended from March 2020 after Corona 19, resumed in Taiwan in July 2020 in accordance with the establishment of a quarantine safety area and cruise quarantine protocol, and after that, coastal cruise tourism in Japan also started this year. Therefore, when domestic cruise tourism is resumed in the future, as cruises from Taiwan and Japan are expected to enter ports with priority, pre-marketing was promoted for the two regions.

Jeju Tourism Organization will hold two online briefing sessions for the two regions. On November 30th, it was held for key officials of shipping companies operating from Kilong Port in Taiwan and joint travel agencies by shipping companies.

In this briefing session, new tourist destinations created after Corona 19, unique experience contents of Jeju, and flower-themed tourist destinations preferred by Taiwanese and Japanese tourists will be promoted. The briefing session was composed of customized contents for cruise tourists so that relevant contents can be reflected when an international cruise arrives in Jeju in the future and a high-quality port tourism can be achieved.

The size of the cruise source market in Taiwan is 380,000, second in Asia, and Japan is in fourth place with 290,000, making it a market with many potential cruise tourists. In particular, the market structure and product composition are also operated in good quality, making it a very suitable market as a marketing target to improve the problems of the Jeju cruise market.

A Jeju Tourism Organization official said, “The corporation has been conducting marketing activities since 2017 to develop the cruise market in Taiwan and Japan, which are adjacent to Korea, and as a result, the number of cruises outside China has steadily increased. We will pursue aggressive marketing to expand the attraction of Jeju ports through networking.”

Reporter Lee Myung-eun [email protected]

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