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30.11.2021 – 07:20


Berlin (ots)

Choco, the company that is digitizing the food supply chain to be more sustainable and less wasteful, looks forward to by Dash, one of the largest grocery delivery companies, to support its international ambitions.

Building a sustainable global food system is at the heart of Choco’s mission. For this reason, the company has purchased a wide range of climate-neutral food packaging and negotiated with its own supplier network in Germany in order to offer it at an extremely competitive price. DoorDash dealers can now benefit from this exclusive service via the Choco app.

More than 100 packaging products are available, from pizza boxes to chopsticks, to meet all restaurant needs. A special Choco support team is available to DoorDash dealers around the clock to answer their questions.

“Together with DoorDash, we can deliver real added value to restaurants on both sides. While DoorDash enables restaurants to sell more meals and increase their income, we help them source sustainable ingredients to prepare those meals,” said Daniel Khachab, CEO and Co-Founder of Choco. “With this partnership we are supporting the start of DoorDash in Germany by giving all DoorDash dealers in Stuttgart easy access to packaging solutions with minimal environmental impact and a minimal footprint. This is not only a win for the restaurant industry, but also for the planet, because we’re removing harmful aluminum and styrofoam from food delivery. We’re very excited to be working with a partner like DoorDash. ”

Choco is headquartered in Berlin and operates in six markets including the USA, Germany, France, Spain, Austria and Belgium; Choco is reshaping the food industry and accelerating its digitization. The platform provides an ordering and communication process for manufacturers and restaurants, a mechanism that aims to reduce, if not eliminate, traditional business expenses and avoid food waste.

Images (Credit: Saskia Uppenkamp)

Portrait: Daniel Khachab, CEO and Co-Founder of Choco

About Choco

Choco was founded in 2018 by serial tech entrepreneurs Daniel Khachab and Julian Hammer with a vision to reduce food waste on a global scale by digitizing the food industry for a more sustainable future. The company has raised a total of $ 175 million to date from investors including Insight Partners, Bessemer Venture Partners, Coatue Management, and Left Lane Capital. Choco’s goal is to streamline the global food supply chain and enable every restaurant in the world to get the groceries they need quickly and efficiently.

To learn more, visit choco.com.

About DoorDash

DoorDash is a technology company connecting consumers to their favorite local and national businesses in more than 7,000 cities. In the United States, Canada, Australia, Japan and now in Germany. Founded in 2013, the company enables local businesses to meet new consumer demands for easy and immediate ordering and delivery, and to thrive in spite of fierce web competition and the convenience economy. With the help of smart logistics on the last mile, DoorDash connects local retail with its immediate neighborhood.

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