▷ 2G control in the hotel: check in faster with the Covid doorman

30.11.2021 – 07:30

UMTS Media Service GmbH

Hamburg (ots)

Vaccinated or recovered? Checking this extends the check-in at the hotel. There are snakes. Guests and staff are dissatisfied. The solution: the Covid doorman. The device takes over the complete control of the 2G rules fully automatically. Employers can thus record the status of their employees once and save it in the cloud.

Otherwise, when a guest arrives, the digital vaccination or recovery certificate will be checked at reception. In addition, the contact details of the new guest will be included in the registration form. This process takes several minutes and queues build up. Guests get restless and the staff behind the counter is constantly under pressure. There is also the danger of verbal or physical abuse from the tense situation.

This constant stress makes human errors in 2G control more likely. On the other hand, the automated 2G control by a new device from the Hamburg company UMTS Media Service is safer, faster and simpler. The Covid-Doorman checks digital vaccination and recovery certificates fully automatically. It recognizes forgeries and only lets guests whose certificates are valid. The device is mobile and only needs a power connection and an internet connection.

“Of course, the Covid-Doorman is also data protection compliant,” explains Hüseyin Dayan, Managing Director of UMTS Media Service GmbH. “The companies decide whether and for how long the data is stored in the cloud.”

This is how the check-in works with the Covid doorman

Instead of waiting a long time, the guests take on part of the check-in themselves. A new guest reads a QR code posted by the hotel. This takes him to a login page on which he enters his contact details. The date and time of the check-in are also saved for any corona contact tracking. The hotel guest finally receives a personal QR code for guest check-in at the Covid doorman.

The guest then goes to the reception and shows their vaccination certificate QR code or the recovered QR code to the Covid doorman, the device measures the body temperature without contact. If the vaccination status is not correct or if the guest has a high body temperature, he will be rejected. If the vaccination status or the convalescence status are in order, the guest is then asked to show his personal QR code to check-in for the guest. In this case, the reception staff receives an adhesive label from the Covid-Doorman’s label printer with the check-in data, vaccination status and body temperature. This label is stuck on the registration form. Check-in takes just six seconds instead of six minutes.

Anyone who visits a hotel more often simply saves the data in their mobile phone and can therefore check in at any time without having to check the vaccination pass or the convalescent card. This also makes the Covid doorman worthwhile for employers. It shortens the daily 2G control enormously if the status of an employee only has to be recorded once. Then the data can only be saved in the cloud and there for any length of time. A printer is not required.

A test run with the Ibis Styles Hamburg Alster City was successful, as this YouTube video shows: https://shrtnr.link/ibis/. Sebastian Horn, the director of the hotel, says “We tested the Covid-Doorman during operation. The device is quickly connected and immediately ready for use. Everything is self-explanatory. Guests and team have received the Covid-Doorman positively. After the test, it is For us, one thing is certain: The Covid doorman makes our processes for checking the 2G rules, and thus also for checking in, significantly faster, simpler and safer. The adhesive label with all the important data also contributes to this. ”

The Covid-Doorman is Germany’s first and so far only mobile vaccination pass check system in Germany. The device, which is available in different versions, can manage up to 1800 checks in one hour. Hotels and other companies can buy the Covid-Doorman here https://www.coviddoorman.com/ or lease.

Company information

UMTS Media Service GmbH from Hamburg has been offering digital solutions for companies for over 20 years. On the occasion of the corona pandemic, the company has developed devices for digital admission control – the so-called “corona traffic light” – as well as a contactless fever measuring system. The latest product is a mobile system for admission control according to the 2G regulation. The classic portfolio of UMTS Media are cash register systems, camera systems for video surveillance and alarm systems. Customers benefit from a full service with advice, planning, project planning, implementation and maintenance.

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