UN: The organization asks not to forget the other HIV / AIDS pandemic

The United Nations warned today, on the eve of the celebration this December 1, International Day Against AIDS, that the fight against this disease, which is also “a pandemic”, should not be forgotten during the current health emergency due to COVID-19.

“We run the risk of retracing everything we have done to end the AIDS pandemic, since all attention has been diverted to COVID-19,” the Joint United Nations Program on HIV / AIDS lamented in its annual report ( UNAIDS).

The document indicates that In 2020, the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic, there were slightly fewer infections with the HIV virus (1.5 million, compared to 1.7 million in 2019), while AIDS-related deaths fell from 690 thousand to 680 thousand.

However, this disease that humanity has lived with for four decades “did not take a break during COVID-19,” said the report, which states that “AIDS can still be ended by 2030 but only if we act courageously and together to tackle inequalities. “

The training of health personnel in the fight against HIV / AIDS, and better access to affordable medicines, vaccines and diagnostics, remain crucial to this, the report highlighted.

He also regrets the mistakes made globally in the fight against COVID-19 (inequality in the distribution of vaccines, lack of initial preparation, etc.) and warns that in this and future pandemics there is a risk of repeating many of the failures that have also prevented ending AIDS.

The United Nations organization had set itself to achieve the “90-90-90” target by 2020, consisting of achieving that percentage in HIV-positive people who know they are HIV-positive, in people with antiretroviral treatment and in patients who after being treated have achieved the suppression of his viral load.

This objective was not achieved but the figures were very close, highlighted UNAIDS, which indicated that 84% of HIV-positive people know their status, 87% have access to retrovirals and 90% of the latter have achieved the aforementioned viral suppression.



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