Rising numbers of infections: the crisis team should start this week

Status: 11/29/2021 9:19 a.m.

Politicians are fighting for stricter measures to curb the exploding numbers of infections. A corona crisis team is in the starting blocks. A general is to lead him. Green leader Baerbock urged faster action.

In view of the dramatic Corona situation and the new worrying South African variant Omikron, further measures to contain the pandemic are emerging in Germany.

The Corona crisis team planned by the future traffic light coalition could start working in the Chancellery in the next few days. According to the words of FDP leader Christian Lindner, the permanent federal-state committee will start this week.

This was also confirmed by SPD leader Saskia Esken: The crisis team will start “at the beginning of this week,” said Esken im BR. She was optimistic that the FDP would also support stricter corona measures. They are completely in line with the fact that everything must now be done to protect the health of the citizens and also the workers in the intensive care units.

“The cities belong at the table”

A general should be at the head of the crisis team, Linder said last night at “Anne Will” in the ARD. According to a report in the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, Major General Carsten Breuer is in discussion for the management of the staff. The 56-year-old is the commander of the Bundeswehr Territorial Tasks Command, which is responsible for domestic operations by the armed forces.

The President of the German Association of Cities, Markus Lewe, called for the municipalities to participate. “The new Corona crisis team has to start immediately and the cities belong to the table,” said the CDU politician to the newspapers of the Funke media group. “The expertise of the cities is indispensable for this, because this is where the work is done and the corona measures are implemented on site,” emphasized Lewe.

Leopoldina also demands participation

The Leopoldina Science Academy would also like to be involved. “What is missing, of course, is that science and politics conduct a continuous dialogue and not only communicate with each other via statements and the media when there is a fire,” said the Vice President of the Leopoldina, Robert Schlögl im rbb.

Regular meetings of the institutions are needed. In the event that action is not taken immediately, Schlögl predicted that the fourth corona wave will become even bigger. At some point it will naturally ebb and then there will be a fifth wave again. As a scientist, you can predict that exactly, said Schlögl.

Unfortunately, the models that predict this are very precise. “If we believe that we can argue against it through opinions, nature will simply teach us better, because natural processes run how they work and not how we think they work.”

The federal and state governments now have to argue and act in a unified manner, said Schlögl. That is why the planned Corona crisis team in the Chancellery is extremely important.

Will federal-state meetings be brought forward?

However, there is still a dispute about whether there should be a quick federal-state meeting due to the extremely tense situation and whether the infection protection changed by the traffic light parties is sufficient to break the fourth corona wave.

In view of the worsening infection situation in Germany, the acting Federal Minister of Health, Jens Spahn, repeated his call for a quick meeting of the leaders of the federal and state levels. Consultations between the federal government still in office and the prime ministers of the federal states should be called “better yesterday than tomorrow,” says Spahn at “Anne Will”.

There must be immediate contact restrictions. For example, a 2G-Plus regulation indoors including a mask requirement is mandatory. Another prime ministerial conference is not planned until December 9th, an earlier convocation was recently disputed among the federal states.

Baerbock: “Can’t wait until the 9th”

Green co-boss Annalena Baerbock also urged quick action. “We can’t wait until the 9th,” said Baerbock at “Anne Will”. After the judgment of the Federal Constitutional Court on the federal emergency brake, an inventory must be made on Tuesday to what extent the federal states have implemented the possible measures. If this is not the case, action must be taken at the federal level. All measures would have to be taken to massively restrict contacts so that the healthcare system does not collapse, said Baerbock.

Lindner emphasized that one would evaluate very carefully what was compatible with the Basic Law. The presumably new Chancellor Olaf Scholz had emphasized at the weekend with a view to the fight against corona that there was nothing that was not taken into account.

Schlögl: Reduce contacts drastically

Leopoldina Vice President Schlögl repeated in rbb the academy’s demand to drastically reduce contacts. This has to happen as quickly as possible so that you gain time to vaccinate more people, said Schlögl.

Schlögl also spoke out in favor of an immediate compulsory vaccination for health care workers. Even if everyone were to be vaccinated now, it would still need at least until Christmas before that would take effect, said Schlögl. “Every day that we waste here is a day that causes serious damage to health and death.”


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