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Almost 30 important sales partners were invited to the event. Photo: mg

It was a christening that was a perfect match for the location of the event: last Saturday, MSC Cruises welcomed the MSC Virtuosa to the fleet with a festive ceremony. It was the second event of its kind in ten days. Previously, the world’s third largest cruise line had celebrated the naming ceremony for the MSC Seashore in Miami.

The fleet now consists of 19 ultra-modern cruise liners. And there should be more. Six new ships are planned by 2026 alone, including four liners from the new luxury brand Explora Journey.

MSC and Dubai: “Same visions”

“The time of the pandemic is a difficult time for us too. But we are solidly positioned and look to the future with great optimism, ”said Chairman Pierfrancesco Vago during the Virtuosa event. MSC trusts its long-term planning and its own philosophy: familiar, international, innovative.

The self-confidence demonstrated by Vago was a great inspiration for Issam Kazim, CEO of the Dubai Corporation of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. “We share the same visions as MSC and are very proud that this baptism is taking place here with us. Both MSC and Dubai are setting new standards in tourism, ”emphasized Kazim during the naming ceremony.

Dubai as a cruise hub

These new standards include not only numerous new attractions in Dubai, such as the current Expo (until the end of March 2022), but also the expansion of the Port Rashid cruise port. Up to seven megaliners can currently dock there at the same time, and the ships offer a spectacular view of the metropolis skyline.

During this winter the Virtuosa will sail from here to Abu Dhabi, Sir Yan Bas Island, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. In the winter of 2022/2023, the shipping company will station World Europa in Dubai. The ship of a new MSC class with up to 7,000 passengers will bring new dimensions to the cruise, both technically and in terms of design. The demand is already enormous, announced MSC Chairman Vago: “We have already sold thousands of tickets.”

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