Giffey announces “Government for all people in Berlin”

Red-green-red coalition agreement presented

Giffey announces “Government for all people in Berlin”

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More new buildings, more climate protection, more staff in schools and the police: the leaders of the Berlin government parties have presented the coalition agreement. The designated governing mayor emphasized that everyone in Berlin was in view.

The leaders of the Berlin SPD, the Greens and the Left presented their negotiated coalition agreement on Monday afternoon. The document is entitled “Future Capital Berlin” and comprises 22 chapters on around 150 pages.

In the first place, after the preamble, there is a comprehensive chapter on the subjects of urban development, building and renting. As is known, the future coalition is aiming for a total of 200,000 new apartments to be built in Berlin by 2030, half of them, if possible, by the end of the electoral term in 2025. Above all, apartments in the lower and middle price segment should also be built develop.

Giffey: “We are one government for everyone”

The governing mayor-designate Franziska Giffey (SPD) emphasized that the title of the coalition agreement “Future Capital” also refers to the term “capital”: “We Berliners have to be aware that we are a neighborhood, but also the capital of the Federal Republic of Germany “Cosmopolitan city, big city with people from different nations,” she emphasized.

The sub-heading of the contract sets clear accents: “We have four major areas: a social city, an ecological city, a diverse city and an economically strong city. All of this can only be achieved in balance, it only works if we keep an eye on everyone,” emphasized she. You have to look at the city center and outskirts as well as employees and employers, such as public transport users, cyclists, pedestrians and drivers. “We are a government for everyone,” the SPD politician continued.

SPD takes over urban development department

Jarasch wants better public transport connections to the outskirts

The Greens are responsible for science, health, finance and the environment. “We will set up a climate committee that will make proposals to the Senate for more climate protection,” explained the Green top candidate Bettina Jarasch. The traffic turnaround is not only continuing, but is also arriving in the outskirts – thanks to the expansion of local public transport, says Jarasch.

The Green politician further emphasized that sustainability is the focus of the planned investments. This concerns both the transport sector and buildings. For residents and short-term parkers, she announced higher parking fees, for tourists there will be a mandatory “guest ticket” from 2024.

The Left will retain the Senate departments for Culture and Europe, Labor and Social Affairs and will now have the Justice Department. Left party leader Katina Schubert emphasized that they were striving for a “left-wing right-wing policy” that would leave “clear traces”. As an example, she cited the committee of inquiry into the neo-Nazi events in Neukölln, which is now coming. “We will care more about an open society than before,” she emphasized, referring to the anti-discrimination department, which is part of the justice department.

It has not yet been decided who will take up the position in the Senate. “We will decide that in the party committees,” announced Jarasch.

Jarasch announces more vaccination offers

The Green top candidate Jarasch also commented on the corona crisis at the press conference. The new red-green-red coalition wants to further expand the range of vaccinations in the fight against the fourth corona wave, she announced. The growing willingness to vaccinate must be taken into account. She affirmed: “Vaccination is the only way out of this pandemic.”

It is good that the same parties have ruled with each other in the past few years. A seamless transition in the fight against the pandemic is possible. In the coming weeks, everything will be done that is necessary to break the corona wave. But Jarasch did not say what exactly is also planned.

Giffey is due to be elected on December 21st

With the SPD and the Greens, party congresses now have to vote on the draft coalition agreement. This is planned for December 5th and 12th respectively. The left are starting a ballot, which should run until December 17th. The election of the future governing mayor, Franziska Giffey, is scheduled for December 21st.

Broadcast: Inforadio, 11/29/2021, 12:00 p.m.

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