“Feel the Rhythm of Korea” at BTS LA Concert Hall

Using BTS concerts to promote Korean tourism
Utilization of online performance relay map, transmission of promotional video

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is also spurring the promotion of Korean tourism, fueled by fans’ interest in BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance on Stage’ concert. A view of promoting Korean tourism using an electronic signboard outside Sofai Stadium. / Korea Tourism Organization

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is also spurring the promotion of Korea tourism, fueled by fans’ interest in BTS’s ‘Permission To Dance on Stage’ concert, which started in Los Angeles, USA on November 27th.

This concert drew the world’s attention as it was an offline concert where BTS met directly with their fans for the first time in about two years. The scale of participation is expected to be about 200,000 on-site visitors and 2 million online viewers (live broadcast on December 2nd, recorded broadcast on December 12th) for four days. Accordingly, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) started promoting Korea through the concert site and online.

The L.A. branch of the Tourism Organization will expose the Korean promotional video ‘Feel the Rhythm of Korea Season 2’ using the LED signboard at Sofai Stadium, the main venue, for 4 days from November 27 to 28 and December 1 to 2, when the concert is held. . During the online performance broadcast on December 2nd (live broadcast) and December 12th (recorded broadcast), pre-video advertisements are also conducted to promote the Korean tourism brand to fans from 200 countries around the world. During the 4 days of the concert, promotional materials for Korean tourism, maps of BTS’s holy land tour, and Taegeukseon will be distributed at the concert hall to increase interest in Korean tourism and the desire to visit Korea.

“We will continue to deliver the message that we will meet in Korea soon by exposing the catchphrase ‘Imagine Korea Waiting for You’ to the audience through video advertisements and distribution promotional materials,” said Jeong Byeong-ok, head of the Los Angeles branch of the Tourism Organization.” In the United States, where travel recovery is fast, we plan to promote Korea as the number one travel destination after Corona for Korean wave fans and other people interested in visiting Korea.”

By Kim Seon-joo, staff reporter [email protected]

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