Demand from the federal states: Pharmacists and dentists should also vaccinate

Status: 11/29/2021 6:21 p.m.

According to the will of the state health ministers, vaccinations against the coronavirus will soon also be carried out in pharmacies and dental practices. You ask the federal government to create the legal framework for this.

In order to accelerate the corona vaccinations in Germany, the health ministers of the federal states should also include pharmacies and dentists in the future. The federal government was asked to create the legal framework for this, said the chairman of the department heads, Klaus Holetschek from Bavaria, after a switching conference. According to a unanimous decision of the federal states, this could be made possible through a temporary exemption – for example in addition to regulations according to which pharmacies can already offer flu vaccinations in regional model projects.

More than 20 million booster vaccinations are targeted by the end of the year. With a view to pharmacies and dentists, Holetschek made it clear that a regulation for them could not be implemented overnight. Booster vaccinations will also remain important in the future.

The pharmacies had already offered support. According to the Federal Association of German Pharmacists’ Associations, there are currently 2,600 pharmacists who have completed vaccination training for regional pilot projects on flu vaccination. They would therefore be operational the quickest.

Second strongest vaccination week against Corona in doctor’s offices

Meanwhile, the corona vaccinations in doctor’s offices are picking up strongly. As the Central Institute for Statutory Health Insurance announced, last week was the second busiest vaccination week of all time in German practices – far more than 3.1 million corona vaccinations were administered. Accordingly, this number was only exceeded in the 23rd calendar week in June of this year, when the resident doctors vaccinated around 3.38 million people against Covid-19.

In the previous week, general practitioners accounted for around three quarters of the total of around 4.2 million corona vaccinations nationwide. According to the information, a total of 3.28 million people were boosted, 2.55 million of them in the practices. This means that the third-party vaccinations made up about 80 percent of all Covid-19 vaccinations. Since the beginning of November there has also been a “steady increase” in initial vaccinations, according to the central institute.

Further public offers are to be added in the future. The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) is promoting additional vaccination capacities, also in view of feedback from overburdened general practitioners. If there are ethical restrictions, these should be temporarily lifted. Booster vaccinations could temporarily also be given outside of the practice.

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