Corona situation in Germany: countries want to turn the screw

Status: 11/29/2021 1:43 p.m.

Mandatory mask requirements at schools or other restrictions for unvaccinated people: Some federal states want to take tougher measures in view of the high corona numbers. This will be discussed tomorrow in NRW and Saarland.

Against the background of the worsening corona situation in Germany, several federal states are preparing to tighten measures. In North Rhine-Westphalia, for example, the mask requirement is to be reintroduced in schools. School Minister Yvonne Gebauer announced that she would recommend the cabinet to return to the requirement of wearing masks for all schools. Face-to-face teaching remains particularly desirable from a pedagogical point of view and is also important for teachers and students. In view of the infection process, including the newly emerged virus mutation, protection against infection is increasingly coming to the fore again.

“In the current situation, we are also reacting to the feedback from the school community, who also feel more secure with the pupils thanks to the return to the mask requirement,” explained the school minister, adding: “We also expect it to be more orderly and reliable Procedure for the official ordering of quarantine measures. ” The top priority remains to keep the schools open and to ensure classroom teaching. As the news agency dpa reports, the North Rhine-Westphalian cabinet also wants to advise on further measures to reduce contact.

Bavaria and Saxony want to advise together

On Tuesday, the cabinets of Bavaria and Saxony also want to join forces to discuss the current situation together. Afterwards, the Prime Ministers Markus Söder and Michael Kretschmer want to inform about the results of the consultations. According to the Robert Koch Institute, the seven-day incidence in Saxony is by far the highest nationwide, and Bavaria is also still in the top group. Recently, numerous intensive care patients from both federal states had to be transferred to other federal states in order to relieve the clinics at least a little.

According to Söder, he sees an initial effect of the measures in his federal state based on the incidence. “If you see the incidence today, you will see that it is increasing in Germany and decreasing slightly in Bavaria. And that is a trend that has been emerging for a few days,” said the CSU boss on ZDF. This shows that “our measures are beginning to take effect”. Bavaria has the strictest corona rules and even a “hard lockdown” in hotspots. But now the same strict rules were needed for the whole country. In Bavaria, for example, there is a nationwide 2G rule for gastronomy, pubs have to close at 10 p.m. Hotels and restaurants are completely closed in hotspots.

Bringing the Prime Minister’s Conference forward is required

The Saarland is also planning to tighten the measures. In his government statement, Prime Minister Tobias Hans announced that there should be massive restrictions, especially for unvaccinated people. “The number of cases is developing dramatically, we are still in an epidemic situation,” said Hans at a special session of the Saarland state parliament. The new regulations are to be decided on Tuesday in the Council of Ministers. The state government will already determine the epidemic emergency today. At the same time, the country is increasing the vaccination campaign.

Hans also joined the demands for a quick federal-state meeting. The CDU politician said there had to be a prime ministerial conference “with an exchange of experts” before the date planned so far on December 9th. The North Rhine-Westphalian Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst had spoken out in favor of this. “The situation requires swift, determined and, above all, unified action,” said the current chairman of the Conference of Ministers of Presidents (MPK) of the “Rheinische Post”. A joint vote is needed “in the next few days, preferably tomorrow”.

Science provides clear recommendations. The spread of the new omicron variant of the corona virus also shows that there is no more time to be lost. “The virus knows no government break, which is why, in addition to effective measures in the federal states, a nationwide coordinated approach to key issues is urgently needed,” Wüst told the newspaper.

Lauterbach for closing bars and clubs

According to the SPD health expert Karl Lauterbach, the Ampel coalition wants to get the measures underway at short notice. According to Lauterbach on the Phoenix TV station, there will be proposals “this week”. In view of the high number of infections, Lauterbach believes that bars, clubs and discos must be closed. In addition, there will probably be a mandatory mask requirement in schools as well as further restrictions for unvaccinated people.

The reason for the tightening is also the Omikron variant, which, according to Lauterbach, comes “at an inopportune time”. There is nothing worse than getting a more dangerous mutation during a severe wave of infection. That is why he once again strongly advocated vaccinations: “The booster vaccination is probably by far our sharpest weapon.”

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