After a winter storm in Northern England: 60 Oasis fans snowed in in a pub

Status: 11/29/2021 2:35 p.m.

Because of the storm “Arwen” 60 British people have snowed in a pub in northern England since last Friday. Nothing came of the planned concert visit – but the guests are still in a good mood.

By Imke Koehler, ARD-Studio London

Actually, they just wanted to spend a nice evening in the pub and see an Oasis cover band perform, but now the guests are singing themselves. A bit of karaoke to pass the time, because the evening in the pub has almost become a short vacation. Since Friday, dozens of guests have been stuck at Tan Hill Inn – a pub in the Yorkshire Dales National Park in Northern England – because they were snowed in.

Imke Koehler
ARD-Studio London

Autumn storm “Arwen” has caused snow drifts, in places the snow is said to be almost three meters high. The pub operator, Nicola Townsend, knows how to keep her guests busy.

Play against boredom

“We played guessing games, a lot of board and card games,” she says. “We wanted to do a competition for the best dressed snowman, but it was just too cold.” If they remained stuck here, that might be on the agenda today, Townsend said.

If the torn down power lines are cleared from the streets and the snow plow can get to the pub, guests might be able to leave today. Otherwise there is another night in the pub. Mattresses on the floor, sofas, everything is used, says Nicola Townsend.

Personal hygiene still has to be

And when asked whether it shouldn’t start to smell, she replies: “No, everyone has had the chance to shower twice, personal hygiene is taken care of.” The snow-covered group is now considering whether to plan a reunion for next year.

The once strangers have become friends, says Townsend. And the cover band that played on Friday evening and called itself noasis has been renamed by the guests: snowasis.

Snowed in pub visitors in England

Imke Köhler, ARD London, 11/29/2021 1:55 p.m.

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