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They live in cars, garages or basements: up to a million people in Germany are considered homeless. Despite work or retirement, many of them do not have enough money for a permanent home. “ZDFzoom” sheds light on this situation on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 11 p.m. on ZDF, in “Living without a home – when there is not enough money to live”. Max Neidlinger’s film will be available from Wednesday, December 1, 2021, 10:00 a.m. in the ZDFmediathek

According to estimates, homelessness has been rising steadily since 2008. Politics has pushed the problem aside for too long – there are no nationwide official figures yet. The middle of society has long been affected.

An overloaded municipal support system, a lack of coordination and the tense housing market exacerbate this need. For experts like social anthropologist Luisa Schneider, this is mainly due to a lack of national strategy: “At the moment we are in a situation in which we are managing and not solving homelessness. If we don’t change our social structure, these numbers will explode and they are too cannot be solved with our current support system. “

“ZDFzoom” was able to accompany homeless people to their hidden retreats. Their stories exemplify a problem that is becoming more and more daunting: more and more people are without shelter or – less visible – in makeshift dwellings. There is a lack of affordable housing and a strategy to support those affected in the long term. Germany, too, has committed itself to a joint declaration by the EU states: Nobody should have to live on the streets by 2030. SPD vice-party leader Kevin Kühnert sees this as the necessary mandate to act for the coming years of government: “It’s like with climate agreements that one concludes. Where one cannot discuss shortly afterwards whether one really meant it seriously. The goal must not are more up for discussion. “

So far, the burden has been on the homeless themselves. Many of them are no longer able to seek help or do not know how to help. Then there is shame. Affected people often live in hiding and somehow get by. How can it be that more and more people can no longer afford their own home despite job or retirement and why has no action taken for so long?

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