▷ wind turbines? – not with me – on the difficult expansion of wind energy

29.11.2021 – 20:27

Lausitzer Rundschau

Lausitzer Rundschau Cottbus (ots)

Wind power is a great thing, but unfortunately not without having wind turbines. Wherever they are to be built, there is sure to be trouble. It usually ebbs when they first stand. Nevertheless, the wind turbine has become one of those unreasonable demands of modernity that rural areas like to keep at bay. In practice this means: Each region first points to other regions where the windmills are better off. And so, of all things, something as boring as building regulations becomes an acid test for Saxony’s government. On the one hand, there are the Greens and the SPD, who will soon rule in the federal government and have agreed there on a tight climate protection agenda. On the other side is the CDU, which is weakening in its once strong rural hereditary farms. Especially since the AfD is creating a mood against wind turbines there. The problem that is so widespread in wind power not-on-my-front-door-problem means in Saxon politics: Not in my district!

The wind turbine is an excellent object of hate for any political force that likes to play up as the savior of their homeland. So far, all attempts to give municipalities a share of the earnings have not been able to change anything. In Lusatia, several wind power projects are currently on the brink because local resistance has formed. In addition, the mills symbolize an energy turnaround that many in Lusatia still cannot quite believe in. Nevertheless, wind turbines are nothing to protect people from. Anyone who talks like this need not hope for acceptance.

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