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29.11.2021 – 10:18

German Red Cross in Hessen Volunta gGmbH

Wiesbaden (ots)

The Hessian carrier for voluntary services DRK Volunta supports the campaign #freifahrtfuerfreiwillige together with other organizations. On the day of action, December 3, 2021, as many posts as possible on social media should attract attention for the campaign. The goal: free or inexpensive public transport tickets for all volunteers in Germany. This demand is supported by associations and providers of voluntary services under the umbrella of the Federal Working Group Voluntary Social Year (BAK FSJ).

More than 100,000 young people each year get involved throughout Germany in a voluntary social year (FSJ), voluntary ecological year (FÖJ) or a federal volunteer service (BFD). They put their time and manpower into the service of society on a daily basis. So far, they have had to pay for most of their bus and train tickets themselves – but they only receive pocket money of around 300 to 400 euros for their voluntary service. Small successes of the campaign to date, such as the introduction of the student ticket for volunteers in Hesse, do not go far enough for the Red Cross daughter: “Anyone who volunteers in the social sector for a year should at least be treated as a volunteer in this respect – so you can use buses and trains completely free of charge “, says Volunta managing director Peter Battenberg. In this way, the voluntary social or ecological commitment would also receive more appreciation in the public. Another argument is equal opportunities: “By removing financial hurdles, all those interested – regardless of their financial situation – have easier access to voluntary service,” adds Battenberg. Finally, one last plus point, the introduction of free public transport tickets would encourage volunteers to use more environmentally friendly means of transport.

Interested parties are called upon to support the campaign on December 3, 2021: Volunteers can, for example, post selfies on Instagram that they show when they take the bus to the site, or use Twitter to compare their individual costs for public transport to pocket money. In addition to the campaign hashtag #freifahrtfuerfreiwillige, there are other hashtags, such as #fsj # föj #bfd # öffis #busundbahn #sbahn # öpnv # fürfreiwillige # mobilität #freiwilligendienst, #fridaysforfuture, #klimaschutz. The link with the @ symbol is primarily intended to address politics and transport associations: for example @bmfsfj or @RegHessen as well as @DB_Bahn and @RMVdialog.

About Volunta

Volunta is a non-profit subsidiary of the German Red Cross in Hesse. Volunta advises and supports young people in their voluntary service in Hessen and abroad. Volunta also organizes student exchanges to Ireland, Canada, South Africa and Spain. More information on www.volunta.de

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