▷ Tino Chrupalla: Discussion about lockdown must end immediately

29.11.2021 – 14:20

AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag

Berlin (ots)

To discuss a new lockdown and a compulsory vaccination, the chairman of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, Tino Chrupalla, said:

“The ongoing discussions about a new lockdown and compulsory vaccination are another high point of the political failure in Germany and must be ended immediately.

The mere fact that the possibility of a lockdown, a compulsory vaccination and even renewed school closings are being debated again, even though all these measures were ruled out by the responsible politicians for good reasons just a few weeks ago, shows the extent of this Failure of the previous corona policy.

The conceptless and contradicting Corona policy is increasingly wearing down citizens and destroying trust in politics. The stigmatization of citizens who have decided against vaccination as scapegoats is increasingly deepening the division in society and leading to upheavals in many families.

We finally need a forward-looking policy with a sense of proportion that does not go into panic mode with every new virus variant that appears or with every increase in the number of cases. The corona virus, which appears in waves, must not be countered with the same endless loop discussions, but with a responsible policy that allows our country to live with the virus without destroying our free society. ”

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Original content by: AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, transmitted by news aktuell


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