▷ The skyline of Buenos Aires: the most beautiful viewpoints in the city

29.11.2021 – 14:56

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Buenos Aires (ots)

The cityscape of the Argentine capital is unbeatable: the architecture changes from one quarter to another and impresses with a wide variety of styles, colors and textures – which look breathtaking, especially from a bird’s eye view. Because Buenos Aires is beautiful at any altitude, but the view from a skyscraper best shows the facets of the city: Intense green park areas, unique sunsets and the historic domes and quarters of the city provide a wonderful panorama and perfect photo opportunities.

Six of the most fascinating viewpoints in Buenos Aires:

Palacio Barolo

An architectural luxury that was built between 1919 and 1923 and, with a height of 100 meters, was considered one of the tallest buildings in Latin America at the time. Today it is used as a 22-story office building, but the gem is on the top floor of the building. The reason? Unique views of Buenos Aires. The Avenida de Mayo, the Plaza del Congreso and the Parliament building, which is crowned with an imposing green dome, are some of the sights that can be admired from here. The facade of the Palacio Barolo is inspired by one of the most important works of literature, the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri. Inside, the 22 floors are divided into three sections: the basement and ground floor represent hell, floors one to 14 represent purgatory, and the rest of them represent paradise.

Öko-Reserved South Coast

The scene of the next vantage point is the most modern district of Buenos Aires: Puerto Madero is characterized by the tallest buildings in the city and mirrored building structures on which the Río de la Plata (Spanish for silver river) is reflected. Between the luxurious buildings that characterize Puerto Madero, a green area unfolds, which not only provides fresh air in the middle of the asphalt jungle, but also provides a view of the city from a distance. The Costanera Sur eco-reserve is one of the largest in Latin America, with 350 hectares of lagoons, fauna and flora. The colors stand out from the water level, the buildings and the skyline drawn by the skyscrapers form the perfect scenery to marvel at nature and urban development at the same time.

Güemes Gallery

The 87 meters height of this remarkable building in Buenos Aires guarantees an unforgettable panoramic view over the city. It is not for nothing that the building is considered to be the first skyscraper in Buenos Aires. The surrounding domes can be seen from the viewpoint of the so-called Pasaje (Spanish for passage) Güemes. The Pasaje Güemes is a historic department store that was frequently visited by writers such as Julio Cortázar and Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, among others. The gallery is open Monday through Friday, entry costs 200 pesos.

Kirchner cultural center

The former main post office building quickly became popular for its incredible vantage points. The walls of the Centro Cultural Kirchner (CCK) breathe art, music and talent. A visit is worthwhile to listen to the perfect acoustics of the auditorium and to enjoy a concert. As the culmination of the excursion, the 9th floor offers two exclusive rooms to experience Buenos Aires from high above. Do you know the famous postcard motif from Puerto Madero, which is held in shades of orange, with mirrored buildings, towers and monuments? You can see the motif with your own eyes from here – along with other highlights such as the historic center of the city.

National Library

The Mariano Moreno National Library in the Recoleta district of Buenos Aires is a real eye-catcher when it comes to design. The brutalist architectural style of the reinforced concrete building is a trademark and makes it a symbol of the city. Admission is free, and visitors can stroll through the building to admire the architectural details and borrow books. Those who reach the upper floors enjoy the unique view, where the large windows reveal the green of the trees and the buildings further away. The writer Jorge Luis Borges was director of the library from 1955 to 1973.


The trend of drinking “signature drinks” with breathtaking panoramic views is also celebrated in Buenos Aires. The roofs of the buildings decorate the city and the high-rise bars fit easily into the picture and offer good music, live DJs and events. Some of the most famous rooftop bars, especially for their location, history and cocktail menu, are the Trade Sky Bar – named one of the best rooftop terraces in the world by Time Out magazine – as well as the Crystal Bar, the Alvear Roof Bar, the Cielo Sky Bar and the Piso 15 Sky Bar.


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