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29.11.2021 – 10:49

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On Tuesday, November 30th, 2021, the Future Navigator 2022 from Roman Herzog Institutes (RHI) in Hamburg’s Murmann Verlag. The RHI is thus presenting a wide range of analyzes and visions from thought leaders from science, business, politics and the media. Prof. Randolf Rodenstock, CEO of RHI, explains: “With the current future navigator, we want to encourage people to tolerate ambiguities and not be satisfied with simple answers. It is a Plea for open-minded thinking instead of closed world views. ”

The corona pandemic, deliberately set streams of disinformation and the ever-threatening climate crisis raise doubts about the continued existence of security and pluralistic democracy. This is where the Future Navigator 2022 and presented from an interdisciplinary perspective prejudice-free food for thought and possible solutions: “As the Roman Herzog Institute we ask in which society we want to live and work. It is important to lift the veil of prejudices and ideological distortions that obscures our view of reality. It takes an open view and an alert mind”, so Rodenstock.

The future navigator contains, among other things, contributions by the astrophysicist and Nobel Prize winner Reinhard Genzel, the economic modes Monika Schnitzer, the legal scholar Jens Kersten, the digital expert Katharina Schüller, Gerontologen Andreas Kruse, the sociologist Sabine Pfeiffer as well as the former top footballer Philipp Lahm and the politician Caroline Bosbach.

The Roman Herzog Institute

The Roman Herzog Institute feels committed to the reform concerns of its namesake and deals with the future of work from an interdisciplinary perspective. The main concern of the institute is to provide food for thought on the future development of Germany and to promote dialogue with decision-makers, companies, associations and science.

Additional information: https://www.romanherzoginstitut.de/

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Maximilian Stoib, Tel. 089-551 78-335, E-Mail: [email protected]

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