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29.11.2021 – 07:30

Asian Power Devices (APD)

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The upheavals of the past two years have produced clear trends that are already having profound effects:

One of these is the rapid increase in teleworking. Tech job vacancies are a good indicator that this trend is likely to continue, with a significant number of job vacancies now offering remote working opportunities.

Another trend are KIoT devices, where machine learning algorithms enable IoT devices to independently analyze, learn, gain insights and make decisions. There are currently around 30 billion IoT devices and their number is expected to rise to 75 billion by 2025. Their importance for society will only increase further through the combination with artificial intelligence.

The new types of network traffic and its large size due to the growing user base need to be properly supported. Therefore, it is important to properly design network upgrades. With appropriate planning, new devices can be securely connected without a deterioration in the quality of service, as can be the case with an improvised expansion. This also includes a stable, clean power supply.

Mains power must be part of the design if network equipment is to work. Knowing that your network power partner has a long track record and a good reputation that needs protecting gives you the security you need.

Asian Power Devices Inc. (APD) has been a leader in the power industry for more than twenty years. APD has long-term partnerships with the world’s leading network equipment providers and can thus guarantee the reliable performance of the network as well as its security, environmental friendliness and efficiency.

High availability is achieved through current share and power ORing: Systems with high power consumption such as blade servers share several power supplies to ensure flexibility and redundancy in N + 1 configurations. This ensures a stable power supply with low ripple, even for loads with high power requirements, even though the peak current capacity is up to 300% of the maximum value.

To protect against overvoltage and overcurrent events, APD has built in several protective devices, including overvoltage protection that complies with ITU-T K.21 standards. For areas with electrically noisy public networks or extreme weather conditions with an increased likelihood of lightning strikes, this can be on [DM] 6kV /6kV [CM] Specifications according to IEC-61000-4-5; Level-5 to be expanded. Static discharges are also warded off with ESD protection level 4 according to IEC (61000-4-2) up to 8 kV contact / 15 kV air gap.

APD’s power products feature optimized heat dissipation and electromagnetic interference structures supported by thermal protection against overtemperature conditions. They easily meet the North American DOE Level VI and EU CoC Tier 2 energy efficiency standards, guaranteeing lower operating costs and environmentally friendly operation.

How does APD stand out from the competition in the industry? Rax Chuang, General Manager of the Power System Business department at APD, can answer this question best: “R&D is APD’s strength that we are most proud of and also the company’s core value. More than 10% of the company’s sales go to the R&D fund every year, and the R&D team of over 500 employees is a leader in the industry.

The APD security laboratory is also an industry leader. A wide range of tests are carried out there in order to always be one step ahead of the regulations. In this way, customers always receive quick product certifications and can significantly shorten the time to market. For example, network customers who have passed the FCC Part 68 certification and ISN tests, e.g. B. for interference to telecommunications connections must exist. Quick solutions are available to you.

For more information on how APD can help you leverage trends in network expansion more quickly, see https://www.apd.com.tw/en/

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