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29.11.2021 – 18:02

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Berlin (ots)

In all likelihood, Berlin will continue to be ruled by a center-left alliance. The coalition of the SPD, the Greens and the Left Party will continue, however, under greatly changed circumstances. This is also evident in the way the coalitionists relate to their own past. Because at least the SPD of the mayor-designate Franziska Giffey and also parts of the Greens distance themselves from their joint reign with the left. Whereas in 2016 the heading of the red-red-green coalition agreement was still called “Shaping Berlin together”, there is no talk of cooperation under the new, vague heading of “future capital Berlin” of red-green-red.

The impression is that everyone is fighting for themselves and their issues. This was also reflected in the speeches on the coalition agreement, in which everyone emphasizes their own – as if there were still an election campaign. How collective governance will succeed under this new edition of the cook-waiter behavior remains to be seen. There are enough social problems in Berlin that urgently need to be resolved: The management of the corona catastrophe alone should make full use of the new Senate.

For Die Linke, that is already certain, it will be difficult to participate in government. With three senatorial posts, the party may not have ended up on the cat table, but the loss of the urban development department is a heavy blow to the political office. In the end, the left has always been strong when it implements politics together with the social movements. The design claim in housing policy now lies with the Beton-Bauen-SPD again. A socialization of large housing groups desired by the city is hardly conceivable under such an administration.

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