▷ Liquid gold from the SLYRSee – the Christmas present with a difference

29.11.2021 – 11:00

SLYRS Distillery

Schliersee (ots)

All that glitters is not always gold, but in the SLYRS distillery – on the beautiful Schliersee in Bavaria – it’s different. The many gold medals and awards for excellent whiskey quality speak for themselves.

Bavaria is the home and also the raw material supplier of the versatile SLYRS Whiskys, which together make up the “SLYRS Clan”. The passionate SLYRS distillers create high-quality Bavarian single malt whiskeys and whiskey liqueurs there day after day with a great deal of tact, love for the product and a large portion of the joy of experimentation. Unique in diversity, quality and character, the SLYRS Clan not only inspires connoisseurs worldwide.

In order to guarantee such a high quality, the following 5 basic rules apply to the SLYRS distillery: 1. Barley malt from Bavaria

Barley forms the basis of every malt whiskey. Only two-row spring barley is used for the Original SLYRS. It can be found in the best quality in the Munich area. After careful malting in a special malt house, it is gently kilned, i.e. dried. This gives the SLYRS the typical, pleasantly spicy smoke taste. Together with the mountain spring water and the aromatic mountain air, it gives it its unmistakable Bavarian character.

2. Purest mountain spring water

The quality of a whiskey stands or falls with the water used. SLYRS is very lucky to have the purest, mineral-rich mountain spring water, so to speak, right in front of the distillery. The water comes from the Bannwald spring in the Schliersee Alps. Its purity and quality determine the unique taste of the Bavarian single malt whiskey in an outstanding way.

3. Slow fermentation

Fermentation is not only the basis for the alcohol, but also for the variety of flavors in SLYRS whiskeys. The specially developed SLYRS fermentation process takes several days. In order to obtain the typical SLYRS DNA, special whiskey yeasts are used in addition to temperature-controlled fermentation.

4. Aroma-preserving distillation

When it comes to distilling, quiet and a lot of time are the order of the day. The gentler and slower the distillation, the better the quality of the whiskey, because the valuable aromas are preserved.

5. Aged in American white oak barrels

The choice of wooden barrel plays an important role in the maturation process of a whiskey. Therefore, high-quality, new barrels made of American white oak from the barrel manufacturer “World Cooperage” are used. The American white oak from the Missouri Ozark Forest contains little tannic acids (bitter substances) and provides the SLYRS typical, subtle, optimally balanced wood notes.

The white oak gives the SLYRS a wonderful aroma. In addition, there is the fine layer of charcoal that is created when the barrels burn out as a further nuance provider.

After a maturation period of three to six years, part of the whiskey is decanted into well-traveled barrels, including those from Bodegas Tradición / Jerez, for special finishes. This creates noble rarities with a very individual taste. The greatest pride, the SLYRS Aged 12 Years, is brought to maturity in traditional barrels from our own company. The SLYRS Mountain Edition, which breathes mountain air in our high camp on the summit of the Stümpfling mountain, rests in American white oak barrels.


TIP: You can conveniently order the large number of SLYRS whiskeys and whiskey liqueurs online at: www.slyrs.com or discover the liquid gold from the SLYRSee directly on site in the SLYRS world of experience. You can visit the distillery on your own for a price of EUR 9.90. The new digital tour explains the production step by step. More tours can be found at www.slyrs.com/erlebniswelt/


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