▷ Hungary criticizes the Ampel coalition for releasing cannabis and pushing for family policy

29.11.2021 – 01:00

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Hungary criticizes the Ampel coalition for releasing cannabis and pushing for family policy

Ambassador sees danger of new cultural and constitutional conflicts in the EU – “We have done pioneering work in border protection”

Osnabrück. With the planned release of cannabis, the new traffic light coalition has met with criticism from European partners. “We are very critical of the legalization of cannabis. If such a large country in the middle of Europe releases an intoxicant for consumption, this will not remain without consequences for the European partners across the borders,” said Hungary’s ambassador in Berlin, Peter Györkös, in an interview with the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung” (NOZ). He added, “And I’m afraid the effects will be negative, not positive.”

Many domestic German decisions would have intentional or unintentional effects on the rest of the EU, said Györkös: “That was the case with the nuclear phase-out, and it is the same with climate policy and migration. And who guarantees us that no European standardization threatens, that one day it will come from the EU does not suddenly mean: All states should approve cannabis? We will not go along with that. “

Budapest sees a similar “even more direct danger” in the area of ​​social and family policy. Ambassador Györkös emphasized in the “NOZ”: “If ‘anything goes’ family models are legally anchored in a member state, that is an internal matter all legal consequences are recognized, this is a prelude to new cultural and constitutional conflicts within the EU and many member states. ” Györkös said the “NOZ” further: “When it comes to socio-political, social and migration-political issues, please let the member states retain their sovereignty, we don’t have to keep adjusting. It’s not just a good European who wants more deepening.”

In the opinion of the Hungarian Ambassador, the EU is “leading the wrong debates. We do not make a strong EU with rainbow colors and wagging the index finger, but through concrete performance in security and international competitiveness”. If the Hungarians were labeled as “heartless monsters” for consistent external border protection in 2015, such a policy would now be “accepted as a necessary measure in view of the events on the Polish-Belarusian border”. Györkös said the NOZ further: “We have done our European duty and thus protected the greatest achievement of European integration, namely the Schengen-protected internal market with its freedom of movement. In 2015 we did pioneering work in overcoming the migration crisis, one could do that times acknowledge. “

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