▷ German AIDS Society: Too many late diagnoses of HIV

29.11.2021 – 15:30

German AIDS Society (DAIG)

Hamburg (ots)

On the occasion of World AIDS Day, the German AIDS Society (DAIG eV) points out that too many HIV infections are diagnosed late in Germany. Although the number of new HIV infections has happily declined over the past few years, the proportion of people who have an advanced immunodeficiency with the first positive HIV test remains unchanged. According to the Robert Koch Institute, in 2020 it was 35% of a total of 2000 first-time HIV diagnoses. In 18% of cases, the diagnosis of HIV was not made until the AIDS stage.

HIV infection is now a treatable chronic disease, with people can lead a normal life. An HIV diagnosis should be done for infections promptly. This allows can prevent early treatment, symptomatic of the courses and the spread of HIV infection. Late diagnoses, however, are the main reason for HIV-related morbidity and mortality, which we still see today.

In order to avoid later HIV diagnoses, DAIG supports prevention strategies and is particularly involved in the training of doctors. This involves testing offers in everyday clinical practice, recognizing disease indicators of an HIV infection, but also talking about the risk of infection. Sex and sexual health are rarely discussed in medical practice. This prevents prevention offers.

In the current COVID pandemic, there is also the risk that HIV test offers will not be used, which increases the risk of undetected or later diagnoses. The DAIG therefore demands that HIV prevention offers be fully maintained even in the current situation.

The chairman of the German AIDS Society PD Dr. Stefan Esser: “We have to do everything we can to reduce the number of later HIV diagnoses. This would prevent many AIDS cases and new infections. HIV therapies are highly effective, but of course we can only use them if we have the diagnosis know.”

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