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29.11.2021 – 13:49

Islamic Relief Germany eV

Cologne (ots)

Islamic Relief Germany is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a humanitarian aid organization this year. In the 2020 annual report, the Cologne association will review special emergency aid and development programs and present the annual financial report. The donations and funds reached over 23 million euros in the pandemic year, a new high since the non-profit association was founded in 1996.

“For us, the 2020 annual report means more than a successful business year as an aid organization. For us, it marks almost 25 years of humanitarian work for and with people in need, of which we are very proud. Thanks to our emergency aid and development cooperation projects, we alone have Reached over 2.6 million people last year. Whether in action against hunger, for medical care or against the effects of the climate crisis: We always strive for the holistic and transparency of our aid. Be it in Afghanistan, Yemen or here in Germany, we stand showing solidarity by the side of people in need of protection, “explains Tarek Abdelalem, Managing Director of Islamic Relief Germany.

29 Emergency response for people in need: Yemen, South Sudan, Syria

The situation of vulnerable people affected by hunger, war and natural disasters has been made worse worldwide by COVID-19 and the measures imposed with it. Islamic Relief Germany spent almost 2.3 million euros on emergency aid projects in 2020 and responded to crises such as hunger, droughts and floods in the world. The focus was on emergency aid for the health sector, especially for people in Yemen and Syria who are affected by war and displacement.

Measures to combat COVID-19 and to raise awareness of the virus were also in focus in Ethiopia, Gaza and South Sudan. People in need of protection in Bosnia and South Sudan or Syrian refugees in Jordan received hygiene items. Islamic Relief supported families with food in Albania and the Gaza Strip. Targeted winter aid was able to protect people in Afghanistan, Jordan, Myanmar and Lebanon from the cold of winter.

5.7 million euros for holistic development projects and orphans

The 1: 1 orphan sponsorship program supported a total of 9,988 orphans with education and food in 28 countries with 4.3 million euros in 2020. With over 1.4 million euros, 21 development projects in the areas of health, water and sanitation, disaster risk reduction and psychosocial support as well as education and income security were implemented. In Pakistan, the project to support street children entered the second phase. And in Mali and South Africa, Islamic Relief Germany campaigned for the protection and social and economic advancement of women.

In Koulikoro, Mali, Islamic Relief worked with 40 religious and community leaders to raise awareness of children’s and women’s rights. Knowledge about the dangers of female genital mutilation / circumcision (FGM / C) was in the foreground. More than 370 girls could be saved from the cruel and health-endangering practice. And over 600 children were protected from child labor and forced marriage.

Domestic Activities 2020: The Muslim Pastoral Line and Activities

In Germany, the volunteers at the “Muslim Pastoral Care Telephone” (MuTeS) carried out almost 5880 counseling sessions in 2020. In addition, Islamic Relief Germany took part in thematic conferences and important campaigns again in 2020: including demonstrations for climate justice, the Regional Strategy Meeting MENA in Istanbul by Islamic Relief Worldwide and a symposium on disaster risk reduction 2020, organized by the German Red Cross and funded by the Foreign Office became.

Fundraising campaigns for Ramadan and Kurban: Reached almost 1 million people

During the Islamic fasting month of Ramadan, food aid from Islamic Relief Germany reached more than 175,000 in 31 countries. More than 815,000 people in 29 countries were provided with meat through donations to Kurban. With the donations made, over 990,000 people, almost 1 million, were supplied with food for both campaigns. In addition, a total of more than 19,000 children and young people were happy to receive a holiday present on the festive days.

“We are grateful for the successful implementation of our humanitarian aid and development projects despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank our donors for their trust in us. We would also like to express our great thanks to our helpers on site. Only through them when our help arrives, we can only protect human lives with it, despite all the challenges. Together we will continue, “emphasizes Nuri Köseli, Deputy Managing Director of Islamic Relief Germany.

The entire Islamic Relief network supported 13 million people in 39 countries in 2020 through a variety of emergency aid and development programs. In response to the outbreak of the pandemic and to mitigate the virus’ impact on particularly vulnerable countries, the global Islamic Relief network also decided to take immediate emergency relief measures worth $ 10 million. In Yemen and northern Syria, where health and nutrition projects have already been carried out, Islamic Relief strengthened the capacity of health facilities. 3.6 million people in Yemen received vital assistance and a total of 364 life-changing projects were jointly implemented around the world.

More information on the 2020 annual report from Islamic Relief Germany: https://www.islamicrelief.de/transparenz/jahresbericht/

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