▷ Dramatic corona situation: A general as a signal / comment from Thomas Fricker

29.11.2021 – 22:28

badish newspaper

Freiburg (ots)

The fourth corona wave threatens to overrun Germany, and the time to build effective breakwaters has been missed. This failure will be part of the bitter legacy of the outgoing federal government and its chancellor. But it also darkens the start of the supposedly new coalition. The previous inability of the traffic light parties around the designated Chancellor Olaf Scholz to respond adequately to Corona feeds fundamental doubts about their competence. At first, seduced by the Free Democrats, they longed for a Freedom Day message in disguise. Now it can’t sound pithy enough to make you forget the wrong path. FDP leader Christian Lindner, of all people, has just announced that the crisis team in the Chancellery will be headed by a “German general”. (…) A signal was needed. Message: secondary. It might have been enough if Scholz had finally named the future Minister of Health. (…) But apparently power games and cabinet propriety were and still are more important than corona crisis management. http://www.mehr.bz/khs334i

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