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29.11.2021 – 09:47

Börsenmedien AG

Kulmbach, Munich (ots)

With the takeover of Börse Online, Euro and Euro on Sunday With 5.86 million copies sold per year and almost five million readers per month, Germany’s leading publishing offer for private investors is created.

Kulmbacher Börsenmedien AG, publisher of the weekly investor magazine THE SHAREHOLDER, takes over Munich Finance Verlag GmbH. Bernd Förtsch, founder and owner of Börsenmedien AG: “In the course of the takeover of the Finanz Verlag by Börsenmedien AG, what is by far the leading business publisher for retail investors in Germany was created Stock exchange online is a veteran among investor magazines. All three titles – Börse Online, Euro and Euros on Sunday – are strong brands today. Now we will develop them further in a hybrid model of digital and printed products. THE SHAREHOLDER, just stock exchange, online exchange, euro and Euros on Sunday complement each other perfectly. We will help the titles to grow strongly with new ideas. ”

Dr. Frank-B. Werner, co-founder and, together with Dieter Fischer, Managing Director of Finanz Verlag GmbH: “I am sure that Bernd Förtsch will continue to develop powerfully what we have built up in Munich over more than three decades. For all of our employees, the new constellation an excellent perspective. ”

Germany’s largest publishing offer for private investors

Börsenmedien AG counts – started in 1989 as a pure book publisher, since 1996 with the appearance of the first edition of the magazine THE SHAREHOLDER as an integrated media company – already one of the most successful commercial publishers in Germany. The transaction results in three weekly and two monthly titles – THE SHAREHOLDER, Börse Online, Euro am Sonntag as simply stock exchange and Euro -, as well as numerous specialist services, several digital platforms, including the website that was taken over in 2018 Finanztreff.de and in the future too boerse-online.de, and over 100 financial editors and more than 250 employees in Kulmbach, Munich, Frankfurt and Berlin, the largest publishing offer for private investors in Germany. According to the information community for the determination of the distribution of advertising media eV (IVW), the sold circulation of the five titles reaches 5.86 million copies per year, which corresponds to 112,759 copies sold per week. “Our endeavor was and is to provide advice to private investors in particular at all times. We have grown organically over the past few years and have selectively expanded our portfolio with special AKTIONÄR issues and the monthly title simply börse.

We are convinced that we will work with Börse Online, Euro and Euros on Sunday can make a significant contribution to the further development of good offers for investors, “says Förtsch, explaining the motivation behind the takeover.

Digitally a constant

In the digital world of web, app and e-paper offerings, Börsenmedien AG now occupies an even more prominent position. According to the Online Research Association (AGOF), the number of online readers reaches 4.75 million per month (AGOF daily digital facts September 2021), and the number of page views according to IVW is well over 60 million per month. As part of the integration and further development of the titles, e-paper sales will also gain in importance. In 2020 Börsenmedien AG won the title THE SHAREHOLDER and a turnover of 3.128 million euros, determined by the trade journal DNV, fifth place among the top-selling magazine publishers in e-paper sales in Germany. “In the current year we should roughly double this value. In the coming year we will have five instead of two titles in our range and want to further consolidate our TOP5 position with the firm will to continue growing speed predestined for digital publication and delivery “, describes Leon Müller, editor-in-chief at Börsenmedien AG, the situation in the digital world.

Undisputed number 1 in retail sales

In retail print – the highly competitive business in the station book trade and press wholesaling – the share of Börsenmedien AG in sales in the business title segment has risen from 27 percent to 49 percent in the course of the takeover. “Every second euro that is spent at the kiosk with business titles is now due to publications from our company. I am looking forward to a deeper cooperation with the sales outlets, the station book dealers and wholesalers,” adds Leon Müller with a view to the highly competitive print Market.

Joint marketing: Highest target group relevance

In addition to the endeavor to increase both the digital and the printed circulation, the significantly expanded portfolio is gaining strength. The successful advertisement sales of the Finanz Verlag wins through the inclusion of the two titles THE SHAREHOLDER and simply stock exchange 71 percent range. The joint appearance of the five publications with over 112,000 copies sold per week gives advertising partners and advertisers new, strong and focused access without wastage to the highly attractive target group of investors with above-average incomes.

Takeover should take effect in 2021

The purchase agreement was signed on November 25, 2021. The closing of the transaction is planned for December. The publications Courage, Trends in Asset Management as well as Tichy’s insight and all activities of the Euro Advisor Services investment are shared by the sellers with the managing directors Dr. Frank-B. Werner and Dieter Fischer continued.

The parties agreed not to disclose the amount of the purchase price.

About Börsenmedien AG

Börsenmedien AG is one of the leading media companies for financial information in German-speaking countries and combines numerous successful brands under one roof, including Germany’s leading stock market magazine DER AKTIONÄR, the weekly magazine for stock exchanges and private finances, DER AKTIONÄR TV – the moving image portal for investors, and PLASSEN book publishers with an extensive range of business titles and guidebooks. Since it was founded in 1989, Börsenmedien AG has repeatedly brought about innovations on the market. One goal is always in the foreground: to provide private investors with well-founded and valuable information at all times – whether in print, on TV or digitally. In addition to the headquarters in Kulmbach, the group of companies has other locations throughout Germany.

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