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Suggestion for moderation: The Danish author Jussi Adler-Olsen is no longer an insider tip among crime thriller fans. His series around homicide investigator Carl Mørck, who with his special department Q re-rolls long forgotten cases and successfully solves them, has been an absolute hit for over 20 years, some of which have also been filmed. Now there is finally the ninth part in the series about the unconventional investigator Carl and his bizarre assistants: It’s called “Sodium Chloride” and Audible also offers the unabridged audio book version. Helke Michael has already listened.

Speaker: The special department Q has moved: Carl and his team are no longer sitting in the basement of the police headquarters, but in a sleek new building. Marcus Jacobsen, homicide squad leader, isn’t too happy about his new neighbors.

O-Ton 1 (sodium chloride, 26 sec.): The combination of Carl’s tight expression and Rose’s eternal big mouth would kill everyone. In fact, he sometimes wished for Carl & Co. to go back to the depths of the presidium basement. But that wasn’t going to happen, Marcus knew that. Only in this terrible Corona year would it have been better for everyone if Special Department Q could have stayed in the basement of the old presidium.

Speaker: It doesn’t take long before the team is challenged again: The suicide of a woman leads to an old case – incidentally the first joint case by Carl and Marcus Jacobsen – being reopened: the explosion in a car repair shop in 1988 .

O-Ton 2 (sodium chloride, 25 sec.): “The case has never let go of me. And even then I thought that something was wrong, the case stank to heaven.” He patted the folder. “Now I’ve had a few days to reread the file and think about it.” “And what conclusion did you come to? That the explosions weren’t an accident?” “I never really believed that.”

Speaker: One detail in the technical report seems to agree with Jacobsen. Carl is also suspicious.

Original sound 3 (sodium chloride, 21 sec.): “Salt?”, He just said and repeated it twice. Marcus nodded. “I’ll see you think the same thing.” “About the salt, yes. But when was that? Help me get started.” “I’m not sure, in one of your cases there was something with salt. Wasn’t it?”

Speaker: So Carl puts his troop on the case.

O-Ton 4 (sodium chloride, 29 sec.): “This report has been lying around in Marcus’ various offices and collecting dust over the years. You probably understand what that means?” “Yes, that the case hasn’t let go of him,” was Gordon’s naive, logical answer. “And now he might want us to lift that off his shoulders.” Carl’s thumb went up. “Spot on. And so we take the case, put everything else aside and solve it. Here’s how we do it.”

Suggestion for moderation: You can hear from now (29.11.) In “Sodium Chloride” by Jussi AdlerOlsen, exclusive, how things will continue in the ninth case of Carl Mørck and his special department, what role salt plays in it – and why this case will also be Carl’s most personal at the same time at Audible. Further information can be found at www.audible.de/ep/hoerbuch-tipp

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