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29.11.2021 – 20:03

Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc.

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Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (Nasdaq: ALPP), a leading operator and owner of small businesses, today announced the acquisition of ElecJet / Real Graphene (ElecJet), a pioneer in the manufacture and development of lithium / graphene batteries. Real Graphene and ElecJet merged earlier this year, combining Real Graphene’s graphene intellectual property with ElecJet’s energy system and charging hardware. The result of this amalgamation was a symbiotic combination of groundbreaking, cutting-edge battery and power system technology within a single company. ElecJet and Alpine 4 are also reviewing plans with the State of Indiana to convert its South Bend, Indiana facility into a US battery production facility and bring graphene battery production to the United States.



Kent Wilson, CEO of Alpine 4, said: “Earlier this year, ElecJet CEO Sam Gong and I began working on a battery solution that could meet the huge energy needs of our future US-2 drone. It was clear that a pure lithium battery was not the solution for the US-2 design protocol and that other technologies would have to be used. Graph was the obvious answer to us. Graphene is a great conductor of electricity and significantly reduces the heat in lithium batteries during the charging cycle. This reduction in heat and resistance in graphene-reinforced batteries enables faster charging speeds and longer battery life.

The joint efforts of Alpine 4 and ElecJet have resulted in two successes. The first was the realization that the business opportunities for ElecJet as an Alpine 4 subsidiary would be vastly improved. The second reason was that together as one company, we were able to offer the electric vehicle (EV) market a new and compelling battery solution. Most electric vehicle manufacturers use pure lithium battery cells like the 18650, 21700 and 4680. EV companies like Rivian, Tesla, Lucid and others use different battery cells depending on the power and energy density needs of the vehicle they are making. ElecJet’s graphene lithium battery will improve all three primary battery cells currently used by EV manufacturers (18650, 21700 and 4680) for power and energy density. An important performance aspect of our graphene batteries is that they charge 5-8 times faster than the lithium batteries mentioned above. Imagine being able to charge your car from 0-80% in less than 10 minutes with a direct current fast charging system – compared to 30-45 minutes with pure lithium batteries – and then not damage the battery cells in your vehicle as it did with repeated DC charging may be the case. This will balance the feasibility of vehicles using our graphene batteries with the time it takes to fill a conventional vehicle with gasoline. We believe this will change the market for electric vehicles and other commercial applications significantly. “

Samuel Gong, CEO of ElecJet, said: “People have longed for graph for a decade, but it was mostly developed in the laboratory. This has led to a huge amount of hype and bogus products and companies. But we’re here to show that graphene batteries are not the future, they are the present. And while we primarily manufacture battery cells, we translate our words into deeds by producing graphene battery power banks. We have developed graphene power banks in various sizes that can be fully charged in just 17 minutes. They can be purchased on Amazon, our Shopify website, and even in our newly launched campaign on Indiegogo.

To illustrate just how impressive our consumer products are, our newest power bank on Indiegogo has three times the battery capacity of an iPhone 13 and is fully charged in just 27 minutes! We could charge even faster, but USB C is limited to 100W. We have proven on a commercial scale that our graphene battery technology not only charges five times faster than anything currently on the market, but is also a safe, mass-produced, compact, cost-effective, sustainable and consumer-friendly product.

ElecJet / Real Graphene is able to take graphene products from the production phase to the manufacture of end-use products. This holistic, scalable ability is the reason for our success. Kent has an amazing vision that our team is happy to be part of, and his character is true to America’s core values. With the entry of ElecJet / Real Graphene to the Alpine 4 family of companies, we can realize the next major development in the battery sector in decades and bring the USA back to the driver’s seat of this core technology. “

ElecJet’s newest power bank charger, the Apollo Ultra, was recently featured by Forbes Magazine and digitaltrends.com.




ElecJet will be represented in A4 Technologies, Inc.’s portfolio as both a driver and a supporter of the DSF business model of Alpine 4.

About Alpine 4 Holdings: Alpine 4 Holdings, Inc. (ALPP) is a NASDAQ traded conglomerate acquiring companies that fit its disruptive Drivers, Stabilizers, and Facilitators (DSF) business model. At Alpine 4, we know how technology and innovation can benefit a company. Our focus is on the question of how adapting new technologies, including in stationary retail, can drive innovation. We are also of the opinion that our investments should use synergy effects, work together across industries, generate new ideas and create fertile ground for competitive advantage.

We focus on four principles: Synergy. Innovation. Drive. Excellence. At Alpine 4 we believe that synergetic innovation leads to excellence. By combining these words with our shared experience and skills, we can aggressively pursue opportunities within and across vertical markets. We deliver solutions that not only drive industry standards but also add value for our shareholders.

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