▷ Brandenburg’s Justice Minister Hoffmann (CDU) warns against the legalization of cannabis

28.11.2021 – 12:36

nd.DerTag / nd.DieWoche

Potsdam (ots)

Potsdam (ots). The new federal traffic light coalition plans to allow the use of cannabis for adults. Brandenburg’s Justice Minister Susanne Hoffmann (CDU) criticizes this project, especially because of the effects on young people. “Just as little as we succeed in preventing the considerable alcohol abuse of young people despite the existing alcohol ban, we will not be able to ensure with cannabis that the big brother or an older friend does not legally obtain the drug in the pharmacy or coffee shop in order to then pass it on.” , says Hoffmann in an interview with the newspaper “nd.Der Tag” (Monday edition). “The consumption of cannabis is associated with considerable health risks, especially for young people,” argues the minister. “The developing brain is particularly susceptible to disturbances. And it is scientifically proven that cannabis attacks the brain structures and negatively influences the development of the brains of young people. The verifiable consequences range from a significant increase in psychoses to schizophrenic diseases. ” The consumption of cannabis can also cause mental disorders in adults, but the risk is lower due to the completed brain development. “If cannabis is now legalized in Germany, I am not only afraid that this drug, which is dangerous for adolescents, will be trivialized. Even with the planned controlled distribution, access to this drug will also be made considerably easier for adolescents,” Hoffmann said. nd “.

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