Scholz’s appeal to the Jusos: criticize the Union – not the traffic light partners

Status: 11/27/2021 4:12 p.m.

Chancellor-designate Scholz has called on the Jusos to exercise restraint in dealing with future coalition partners. The young social democrats should rather work their way through the Union – because they feel that a long-term alliance could have emerged.

Around a quarter of the SPD members of the Bundestag come from the ranks of the Jusos – critical, well-connected women and men who would closely monitor the formation of the government – that was what Juso boss Jessica Rosenthal told the negotiators around Olaf Scholz on their way to the coalition talks .

Scholz’s first appearance at the Juso Federal Congress in Frankfurt / Main a few days before his planned election as Federal Chancellor was all the more exciting. There he also had to face some dissatisfied party members – who expressed their unease about the coalition agreement, but also about the alliance partner FDP.

Criticism of too little distributive justice

Several speakers accused the Liberals of restricting the future government’s financial leeway through rigid fiscal policy ideas – one speaker spoke of a “yellow zero” in this context. It was also criticized that the coalition agreement provided too little fairness of distribution, offered too little protection for tenants from rent increases and wanted to force the deportation of rejected asylum seekers.

One speaker criticized the fact that the coalition agreement provided for the conversion of Hartz IV into a citizen’s benefit, but not significant increases in the standard rates. “Without increasing the rates, we can smear the talk of dignity in our hair,” said one delegate. Another complained that the traffic lights wanted to “deport more people than the Union”. He added: “My mood is upset. I just think that shit.”

Scholz replied that of course not all of his party’s concerns could be enforced in the coalition. The traffic light has the chance to fundamentally modernize the country despite all the differences between the parties and to bring new social majorities behind it in the longer term. “It’s about an overall performance that the government must bring about,” said Scholz. He wanted to advertise to the Jusos that “we develop this look”.

“Just a little tip from me”

And he asked the young social democrats to be cautious about criticizing the future coalition partners: “If you are looking for someone you want to be skeptical about, it would be very good if it weren’t for the people I am now on the government bench with Want to take a seat. ” He thinks it makes more sense “to deal more with the Union than with those with whom we now want to venture out here,” said Scholz. This is “just a little tip from me” to the Jusos.

It is also not important who has which department. “I don’t have one.” It is important that everyone does their job properly – “Annalena, Robert, Christian and all the others with whom we are now forming the joint government.”

Scholz named the climate-neutral restructuring of the economy as well as social policy measures such as increasing the minimum wage, basic child benefits and stimulating housing construction as core issues of the traffic light government. He is confident that the upcoming tasks will be financially viable. He described climate change as “the one great human task that we have to master.” With its innovative strength and economy, Germany must become the model for others to convert to a climate-neutral country.

Momentum that should not be lost

The traffic light alliance could last longer than four years, said Scholz. The Union is beginning to sense that something is emerging here “which is much more long-term”. The previous Vice Chancellor warned that the momentum of a feeling of departure should not be lost. “Society must be infected with confidence and hope.” This is particularly important in these difficult times.

Rosenthal relies on “critical and solidary support”

Conciliatory tones came from Juso boss Rosenthal. She promised Scholz the “critical and solidary” support of her organization. “We look forward to electing you as Chancellor in the Bundestag,” she said. Rosenthal was re-elected as Juso boss on Friday evening with 73.2 percent of the vote.

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