Corona pandemic: Leopoldina for immediate contact restrictions

Status: 11/27/2021 2:36 p.m.

In view of the corona situation, the Leopoldina scientists recommend immediate comprehensive contact restrictions. They also commented on the compulsory vaccination. SPD chancellor candidate Scholz announced consistent action.

The National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina is calling for mandatory vaccinations and contact restrictions against the background of the drastic increase in corona infections. Unvaccinated people must be motivated or made responsible, according to a published appeal by scientists: “This is the only way to save the citizens of our society from further disastrous consequences.”

The signatories advocated restrictions on freedom such as phased mandatory vaccination and more drastic contact restrictions, as these are apparently in line with basic values ​​that are shared by the majority of the population for good reasons, it said.

“From a medical and epidemiological point of view, it is immediately effective to significantly reduce the number of contacts for a few weeks from the beginning of the coming week,” the authors say. Due to the decreasing immunity, these measures would have to apply temporarily to vaccinated and convalescent people who would have to receive a booster vaccination during this time.

Include other professional groups in vaccinations

The signatories, including the head of virology at Charité Berlin, Christian Drosten, called for around 30 million third vaccinations to be made possible by Christmas in addition to first and second immunizations.

In order to be able to administer the necessary doses to more people, other medical professional groups such as pharmacists, medical officers, dentists, nurses and midwives would have to be included. This may require technical and logistical support from the Bundeswehr, the technical relief organization and other recognized private aid organizations in disaster risk management.

Schools and daycare centers should remain open

With a view to children and young people, the Leopoldina recommends early Christmas holidays and regular corona tests at least three times a week. Teachers and students of all grades should wear masks throughout their entire stay in schools. The Leopoldina further stated:

A suspension of compulsory attendance and alternating classes in schools as well as the closing of daycare centers should be avoided as far as possible.

Scholz: “Again new dramatic challenges”

SPD chancellor candidate Olaf Scholz also spoke out in favor of consistent action in view of the dramatically worsening corona pandemic. Everything will be done that has to be done, he said in Frankfurt at the Federal Jusos Congress and spoke of “new dramatic challenges”. There is nothing that is not taken into account.

The ambitious goal is that now all those concerned get a booster vaccination for a booster. He has already announced that a crisis team will be set up. There is currently close cooperation between the future and the current government, said Scholz.

Kretschmann for full “instruments”

On the part of the Greens, the future coalition partner of the SPD, tightened measures are not ruled out either. The Baden-Württemberg Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann spoke out in favor of “proportionate” action. But this “always carries the risk that we are too slow,” said the Green politician of the “Schwäbische Zeitung”.

Kretschmann is in favor of a quick Prime Minister’s Conference and “the full range of instruments” from the Infection Protection Act: “I do not rule out a lockdown for everyone.” Kretschmann also defended the demand he had made together with the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder for a general vaccination requirement.

FDP calls the situation “very serious”

The health policy spokeswoman for the FDP parliamentary group, Christine Aschenberg-Dugnus, described the corona situation as “very serious”. At the request of the dpa news agency, she said: “Especially with a view to the reports on virus variant B.1.1.529, we take the situation very seriously and are consulting with experts. At the moment we know little about the variant. Therefore, air traffic is the right thing to do to South Africa because caution is required. ”

At the same time, vaccination and test offers would have to be massively expanded in order to protect the population. “Vaccination is and will remain the way out of the pandemic. It is good that we defined comprehensive vaccination protection as a national and societal task in the coalition talks.”

Landsberg for canceling major events

The general manager of the German Association of Cities and Towns, Gerd Landsberg, spoke out in favor of canceling major events and an early lockdown in particularly affected areas. “Full football stadiums and major events do not work in this critical phase of the pandemic and send a completely wrong signal,” he told the dpa.

“In parts of Germany with extremely high incidence figures, it will not work without a lockdown. However, with the epidemic emergency coming to an end, the necessary legal basis will be lacking.” Here the future traffic light coalition of the SPD, Greens and FDP is called upon to determine the epidemic emergency again in the Bundestag before the Christmas break in order to open up the necessary options for action.

Leopoldina calls for mandatory vaccinations and contact restrictions

Vera Wolfskämpf, ARD Berlin, 27.11.2021 · 13:59

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