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Every year around 70,000 women in Germany are diagnosed with breast cancer.[i]As soon as the first shock has been overcome, those affected ask themselves many questions: What type of breast cancer do I have? What is my stage? Does genetic testing make sense? And what treatment options are there anyway? Patients and relatives will receive answers to these and other questions from now on www.brustkrebs.de. A special highlight of the website is the interactive breast cancer model. Patients can have their stage of the disease shown visually and receive precise information on their individual case, from diagnosis to therapy and follow-up care. With the bookmarking function, users can collect this information and save other interesting articles or videos. This personalized library can also be shared with other people.

Interactive breast cancer model helps to better understand individual diseases

For many patients and their families, the terminology relating to the diagnosis of breast cancer is new and often incomprehensible. Therapy planning is largely based on the hormone receptor status and the tumor stage, defined by the so-called TNM classification (Thumor, Nodes [Lymphknoten], Metastase). In the doctor’s letter these parameters, which precisely characterize the tumor of every patient, are well documented, but for non-medical professionals they can hardly be deciphered. The interactive and intuitive 3D model helps to translate these technical terms. In this way, patients can better understand their personal illness and the further course of treatment. By entering the respective values ​​for T, N and M, the individual breast cancer stage is mapped and explained by background texts and the appropriate therapy options are explained.

Bookmarking feature helps patients save and share information

In order to create a library that is disease-specific for the user, www.brustkrebs.de also the option to create your own user profile. Thanks to a bookmarking function, it is then possible for patients to save the information that is personally relevant to them and to access it the next time they visit the website. In addition to explanations about the TNM stage, patients can also view videos, related articles, or external links, e.g. B. to self-help groups. It can be particularly helpful to easily share this library in whole or in part with relatives or friends via a link or QR code. In this way, patients can “explain” their type of breast cancer exactly as often as they want without having to repeat themselves over and over again.

In addition to comprehensive information for patients, the website also offers added value to those who are not affected: They can, for example, deal with the topic of preventive care and receive valuable information on breast palpation.

Patient reports give a personal touch and authenticity

AstraZeneca has the website www.brustkrebs.de launched with the support of ten breast cancer patients. The aim was to create scientifically sound and lay-understandable content on the subject of breast cancer. Four of these patients also give the website their face (and greet the users personally on the home page). This is how you see real patients with whom the users can identify. These patients tell their story in numerous videos. The users can view a complete patient journey or only topic-specific excerpts, e.g. B. for mammography or BRCA-Testing.

Breast cancer.de also interesting for doctors

From next year there will also be a specialist group login that will be automatically activated www.mein-medcampus.de (Content Hub for Medical Professionals) forwards. Then doctors can tell you about that Cockpit patient information With just a few clicks, you can open a library tailored to your patients www.brustkrebs.de create and also share via link or QR code. This digitized and personalized brochure can e.g. This can be used, for example, for the educational talk or to prepare for a certain therapy and picks up the patient: inside exactly their individual breast cancer situation.

Breast cancer.de is a service provided by the pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca.

Further information can be found on www.brustkrebs.de

About AstraZeneca

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[i] Robert Koch Institute. Cancer in Germany for 2015/2016, 12th edition, Berlin 2019.


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