▷ Broad support for pharmacists to be vaccinated – only doctors decline

26.11.2021 – 01:00

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Broad support for pharmacists to be vaccinated – only doctors decline

Associations and the Bremen Senator for Health support demand from Lower Saxony – Medical Association warns: pharmacists cannot be left alone with vaccination reactions

Hanover. Lower Saxony’s Minister of Health Daniela Behrens (SPD) receives broad support for her latest attempt to enable corona vaccinations by pharmacists as well. “I definitely see an opportunity in the involvement of pharmacists in the vaccination campaign. In the current situation we need speed with the vaccinations, so we have to consider other vaccination options,” said the Bremen Senator for Health Claudia Bernhard (left) to the “newcomer.” Osnabrücker Zeitung “(NOZ). The Lower Saxony District Association (NLT) also supports the project. “In the current situation, any support is welcome. That could certainly be done well in many places,” says NLT Managing Director Hubert Meyer with conviction and receives a tailwind from Marco Trips, President of the Lower Saxony Association of Towns and Municipalities.

According to spokeswoman Panagiota Fyssa, the Lower Saxony Chamber of Pharmacists is already in “intensive talks” with the Ministry of Health. Considerations have also begun at the federal level. According to the chamber, there are around 1,800 public pharmacies in Lower Saxony. From a purely legal point of view, the federal government would have to create the conditions for pharmacies to be able to participate in the Covid vaccination campaign.

Meanwhile, there are major reservations among the medical community about the plans. Thomas Spieker, spokesman for the Medical Association of Lower Saxony (ÄKN), fends off the move and points out: “Unlike doctors, pharmacies cannot support vaccinations accordingly.” There could also be vaccination reactions. Serious allergic reactions are rare, but can occur in any patient. The severity ranges from a mild local reaction to life-threatening shock. Then, according to Spieker, “in any case a doctor would have to be called in” at the pharmacy. That makes the process not only “unnecessarily complicated, but dangerous”. The ÄKN is the self-governing organization of the more than 43,000 doctors in the state.

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