Violence against women: One murder every 11 minutes for domestic violence

A woman is murdered every 11 minutes at the hands of your partner or family member. That is the “lethal” balance and the complaint made today by the United Nations on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The report “Murders of women and girls by their intimate partner or other family members”, prepared by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), indicates that a total of 47 thousand women and girls were murdered by their partners or relatives in 2020.

It adds that women are the main victims of domestic violence around the world.

The publication collects data from 95 countries on gender-based killings between October 2019 and December 2020.

Although men are the victims in 81% of all homicides committed, when the crime occurs in the home, the statistics turn around.

“Women and girls are the main victims of lethal violence in the home in all parts of the world, accounting for six out of ten murders committed by intimate partners or other relatives,” denounces the director of the UNODC, Ghada Waly.

In this sense, the UN recalls that the murder of women within the family “represents one of the most extreme manifestations of gender-based violence“and is often the culmination of previous psychological, sexual or physical abuse.

“The situation has not improved during the last decade, even in places where lethal violence has generally decreased,” laments Waly in a statement issued today.

All in all, Europe has registered a 13% decrease in murders of women in the private sphere in the last 10 years, while in America it has increased by 9%.

Africa is, for its part, “where women and girls appear to be most at risk of being killed by their intimate partners or other family members,” the report emphasizes.

They ask for urgent action against sexist violence

Faced with these data, Waly calls for “urgent and specific actions to empower and protect women and girls, prevent gender violence and save lives.”

Among these actions, the UN proposes to develop a common statistical framework to measure these murders, invest in prevention, approve specific laws and actions, and guarantee sanctions and trials for the perpetrators of the killings.
“Only a comprehensive approach and long-term commitment can lead to a substantial reduction in gender-related killings,” the report concludes.



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