Reasons to pay attention to Maldives MICE trip now

‘Redefining MICE Global’ campaign for major markets
Suitable for ‘one resort on one island’ small incentives

The Maldives Tourism Authority is conducting a ‘Redefining MICE Global’ campaign to develop into a MICE travel destination / Maldives Tourism Authority

The Maldives is positioned as a MICE destination. The advertisement campaign ‘Redefining MICE Global’ was conducted for major markets, promoting its status as a wellness-themed MICE travel destination.

With the concept of ‘one resort on one island’, the Maldives offers luxury and safe travel. As a travel destination specialized for small-scale incentive tours, it introduces a differentiated travel experience where you can enjoy a private vacation. With the ‘I’m Vaccinated’ campaign, which has been held since the beginning of this year, all employees of Maldives resorts have been vaccinated so they can leave with more peace of mind.

We offer a special incentive tour experience with nature. After meeting in the underwater boardroom above the emerald waters of the Indian Ocean, you can relax in the swimming pool. If you want an informal meeting, you can use the white sandy beach under the palm trees. There are many private villas with a small swimming pool, and beach villas where you can feel the green rain forest of the Maldives are also unique. Marine activities are also not to be missed. It is also famous as a holy place for scuba diving where you can snorkel with giant manta rays and meet various marine life. Under the starry night sky, a beach projector movie viewing service is also provided.

Meanwhile, the Maldives Tourism Authority conducted media advertisements in major markets as part of the ‘Redefining MICE Global’ campaign from October to November. The main office invited key partners to the event, and they are uploading content to inform the charm of the Maldives on social media and YouTube.

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