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Status: 25.11.2021 11:55 p.m.

The end of the Corona emergency met with a lot of criticism. The new Infection Protection Act applies in ARD Germany trend 53 percent agreed. 40 percent think it’s wrong. When asked about the future CDU chairman, Merz is ahead.

The end of the epidemic emergency and the changes associated with it met with a divided response from the population. 53 percent of citizens keep the new Infection Protection Act in ARD Germany trend im ARD morning magazine correct, 40 percent think it is wrong.

The SPD, the Greens and the FDP had decided not to prolong the “epidemic situation of national importance” that had been determined by the Bundestag. It expired on November 25th. The new law is intended to form the legal basis for corona requirements in the future.

The emergency situation has been replaced by a catalog of measures that are identical in many respects to the one – such as mask requirement, distance requirements, hygiene concepts – which has already been possible up to now. However, it also contains additional regulations, for example for the workplace or in transport. On the other hand, nationwide closures and bans are excluded in the future.

CDU chairmanship: Merz clearly ahead with CDU supporters

When it comes to who is the best candidate for the CDU chairmanship, Friedrich Merz is ahead. In their own ranks, 48 ​​percent trust Merz most likely to be party chairman. 20 percent of the CDU supporters think Norbert Röttgen is suitable, Helge Braun would prefer 14 percent. 18 percent of CDU supporters currently cannot or do not want to choose between the three applicants.

Friedrich Merz is also ahead of the general public in the race for the CDU party chairmanship. 30 percent are most likely to trust him in the office, 22 percent are in favor of Norbert Röttgen and 12 percent in favor of Helge Braun. However, a good third of those surveyed (36 percent) cannot or do not want to commit themselves to the question at the moment.

Sunday question: SPD loses votes

If the general election were on Sunday, the SPD would get 25 percent of the vote. The Union would be the second strongest force with 21 percent. 17 percent would choose the Greens. The FDP would get 13 percent of the vote, the AfD 11 percent and the Left 5 percent. Overall, the future government coalition made up of the SPD, Greens and FDP has 55 percent of the vote.

Compared to ARD Germany trend from November 4, 2021, the SPD loses two percentage points. Greens and AfD each gain one percentage point. The votes for Union, FDP and Left remain unchanged.

Investigation facility

Population: Eligible voters in Germany
Survey method: Random-based telephone and online survey
Survey period: November 23 to 24, 2021
Falling number: 1,239 respondents (810 telephone interviews and 429 online interviews)
Weighting: according to socio-demographic characteristics and recall behavior at choice; Sunday question with separate weighting
Fault tolerance: 2 * to 3 ** percentage points
Implementing institute: infratest dimap

* with a share value of 10 percent ** with a share value of 50 percent

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