▷ Wagenknecht: coalition agreement means blockade instead of progress

25.11.2021 – 11:16

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Osnabrück (ots)

Wagenknecht: coalition agreement means blockade instead of progress

“Higher care contributions and fewer pension increases” – Left-wing politician complains about new unreasonable demands on employees

Osnabrück. The coalition agreement of the traffic light parties SPD, Greens and FDP manifests itself in the words of the Left MP Sahra Wagenknecht “blockade instead of progress”. The former leader of the Bundestag parliamentary group told the “Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung”: “Instead of limiting the growing social inequality through a fair tax reform with significant relief for low and middle incomes, the traffic light announces new demands for employees and pensioners through higher care contributions and fewer pension increases.”

Wagenknecht also criticized that the desired early coal phase-out contained societal explosives because it was “neither underpinned by a practically feasible plan nor socially protected”. The coalition agreement states: “In order to meet the climate protection goals, an accelerated phase-out of coal-fired power generation is necessary. Ideally, this will be achieved by 2030.”

Wagenknecht also predicted that as Federal Finance Minister, FDP leader Christian Lindner would “prevent any social improvement that goes beyond a higher minimum wage as well as urgently needed public investments in education and public infrastructure.” And instead of setting an example for a peaceful foreign policy, the traffic light wants to purchase armed killer drones for the first time. Wagenknecht summed up her criticism: “Such a coalition agreement wastes the future.”

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