▷ Bitkom Association: Digitization department in good hands at FDP

25.11.2021 – 11:19


Bonn / Berlin (ots)

The Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media (Bitkom) welcomes the fact that the digitization department should go to the FDP, as the party “that has equipped itself with extensive digital competence and made the issue the strongest in the election campaign” the managing director Bernhard Rohleder at phoenix. “What we expect is that the new, future minister for digitization will also have a strong position and role in the new federal government and will be given the rights and resources that he needs to digitally activate the other ministries as well, to motivate and lead to a common goal, “says Rohleder. He is convinced that the future traffic light government could provide an important boost to digitization in the country. The traffic light coalition has set very ambitious goals, for example, in accelerating administrative procedures, which have so far been a major obstacle, said Rohleder. “These processes should be accelerated, they should be halved, and if that succeeds, we will also make much faster progress with digitization,” said Rohleder. The planned streamlining of data protection law, from 18 different data protection supervisory bodies to one central data protection law, could remove another obstacle.

It is also of central importance that where politics have the greatest creative power, in administration and schools, should now be accelerated significantly. “There are now good approaches to this, also with a Dgital-Pakt-2 for the schools. If the federal government succeeds in implementing the goals it is now setting itself in the short term, at the latest within the first two years, then I believe in two years’ time we will be talking about completely different topics than just the omissions that we are currently having to talk about, “said Rohleder.

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