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25.11.2021 – 11:56

AfD – alternative for Germany

Berlin (ots)

According to media reports, several Berlin districts have declared that they no longer want to accept any more refugees from the Senate, including the Lichtenberg mayor Grunst (Die Linke). Grunst criticized the fact that the “districts can no longer offer their own apartments”. Furthermore, the Mayor of the Left also referred to the utilization of the emergency shelters provided for the homeless, the limits of which have also been reached.

Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Federal Spokeswoman for Alternative for Germany, explains:

“While the traffic light in its bubble wants to actively promote mass immigration, it should look out the window. There is a lack of living space in the capital, but not only there, now even for migrants favored by the establishment. If now even a Berliner District Mayor of the Left is forced to face reality and declares surrender in the allocation of apartments in an open letter to his party colleague and ‘Integration Senator’ Breitenbach, then that is the revelation of all friends of mass immigration. But according to the coalition agreement, red-green-yellow can still not get enough migrants: While the housing shortage is taking on a dramatic shape, this is the right time for the traffic light to dare even more progress = more migration mass immigration will be pushed out of the housing market. ”

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