With Corona Effect… Increase in overseas and domestic travel sentiment

Triple October air ticket search volume for overseas cities +260%
Interest in Singapore ↑…Reservations for accommodations at home and abroad also increase

Triple analyzed flight and accommodation search data for October / Triple

With Corona, flight searches and accommodation reservations surged in October, and it was found that overseas and domestic travel sentiment increased concurrently. As a result of analyzing flight ticket searches in October by travel platform Triple, search volume for overseas and domestic flight tickets increased significantly compared to the previous month. The flight search increase rate in major overseas cities was an average of 260%, and the city with the largest increase was Singapore, where the travel bubble will be implemented from the 15th, rising by a whopping 2,000%.

Travel sentiment has risen overall, both at home and abroad. The rate of increase in flight ticket searches in major overseas cities was followed by Bangkok (460%), Male (Maldives, 400%), Saipan (390%) and Barcelona (354%), followed by a 70% increase in domestic flight searches. Higher expectations for travel were also reflected in domestic and foreign accommodation reservations. Overseas lodging reservations in October increased by 100% compared to the previous month, and domestic lodging reservations also increased by 50%.

Triple CEO Yeon-Jeong Kim said, “As we entered the gradual recovery of daily life, the indicators for domestic and foreign travel city contents and products rose, and we could see that expectations and interest in travel increased even more. We will provide a service that allows travelers to quickly access information and prepare for any domestic or domestic travel.”

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By Son Go-eun, staff reporter [email protected]

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