Traveling to Thailand? “Yes, that works!” | current tourism

Since the beginning of November, trips to Thailand for fully vaccinated people from some countries, including Germany, have again been possible without restrictions. Sandbox and quarantine requirements will no longer apply, and cross-vaccinations will also be accepted.

The return of the wanderlust destination in Southeast Asia is the subject of the latest episode of “Hin & Weg”. Sven Meyer and Andy Janz talk to Thailand connoisseur and operator of the blog and information portal “Fascination Southeast Asia”, Stefan Diener. During the pandemic, its website has become one of the most popular platforms for travel regulations for Asia. In the podcast, he reports what currently applies to travel sellers and holidaymakers with regard to Thailand. The podcast makers also present their new podcast miniseries “Sawasdee – the Thailand Podcast with Sven Meyer and Andy Janz”.

The 70th episode of “Hin & Weg” can be heard wherever there are podcasts, including on Spotify.

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