Schauinsland: Confident into the new financial year | current tourism

Schauinsland-Reisen closed the past fiscal year with a number of participants of 672,000 and a turnover of 661 million euros, an increase of around 25 percent compared to the previous year. In the last full pre-Corona year 2018/2019, however, sales were twice as high.

Optimistic thanks to good summer business

Overall, the Duisburg organizer is still optimistic. In particular in the summer months of this year, the travel activity was very gratifying thanks to the global progress in vaccination and the falling number of infections. According to the company, Germany, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey were among the most sought-after destinations.

Praise for the sales partner

According to Managing Director Gerald Kassner, the short-time working was ended in June, which turned out to be the right decision. There is also no lack of praise to the sales partners: You could always rely on them.

“The crisis isn’t quite over yet, but the industry has found a good way to make safe travel possible. Our business model has once again proven to be extremely sustainable. Thanks to the good teamwork of our employees and partners as well as loyal regular customers, the financial year could not only be concluded positively in terms of sales, but also economically with a positive result. This good development makes us extremely confident for the coming financial year, ”said Kassner.

For the coming financial year Kassner hopes to be able to reach the pre-crisis level again.

Susanne Layh

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