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New York: Eric Adams, the “betrayed by the city” ex-cop who will rule the state

Brooklyn Borough President and former Police Captain Eric Adams will take over as Mayor of New York in January after sweeping Tuesday’s municipal elections, after a campaign that affected his poor childhood and his ability to lead the city and especially stop the increase in violence and poverty.

“I grew up poor in Brooklyn and Queens. I wore a bulletproof vest to protect my neighbors. I served my community as a state senator and president of the Brooklyn district,” reads the first message that can be read on the official Twitter account of this vegan confessed 61 years.

Always armed with his smile and an inordinate self-confidence, Adams, who soon became the official bet of the Democratic Party, has managed to forge transversal alliances in all the districts of the city to win the mayor’s office.

From the most punished communities such as the Afro-American, to which he himself belongs, or the Latino; To the great fortunes of New York’s business elite, such as Mets owner Steve Cohen or Loews heiress Laurie Tisch, Adams has sought support in every corner of the Big Apple.

Aids that, translated into donations, have almost reached nine million dollars, since last year he began his electoral career as a candidate for the party’s primaries, in which he managed to unseat the most progressive candidates.

In fact, his official and moderate stance within the Party and his open criticisms of socialism have earned him the reproaches of the Democrats further to the left, who reproach him for his approach to the wealthiest class in the city.

From the ranks of his party they have also recalled the corruption cases opened against him and of which he was acquitted; his alleged defense of aggressive detention methods, which he denies; or his habit of supposedly spending much of his time in a residence in the neighboring state of New Jersey and not in the city.


Adams suffered the loss of his mother, Dorothy Adams, last March, in the middle of an electoral campaign for the party’s primaries and since then, the future city councilor, who describes himself as a “worker”, He has not hesitated to bring up his mother in numerous moments, sometimes emotional and that ended in tears.

“My mother was betrayed by the authorities, like other fathers and mothers and families”

He has done it to remember, above all, his humble origin with which to try to identify with the ordinary voter who, as he maintains, has suffered as much as he has the failures of the system.

“My mother was betrayed (by the authorities), like other fathers and mothers and families. She was betrayed when we could not buy food and we went in search of food that the city offered us and that it was food that caused chronic diseases ( …), “Adams said immediately after exercising his right to vote on June 22 during the Democratic primary.

On Election Day yesterday, Dorothy again took center stage when Adams showed up to vote at her Brooklyn polling place with a portrait of her mother.

“All this is for you,” he told the media, before underlining: “I only have three words: I am like you (…). The city has abandoned people like my mother, so I hope that people exercise their the right to express that we no longer want to be abandoned. “

Adams, who likes to talk about himself in the third person, has drawn on his childhood to return to the hackneyed local myth of the “American dream” and of the United States as “the land of opportunity,” where, supposedly, with effort and tenacity, anyone can achieve what is proposed.

“A boy who was lying on the floor of the 103rd District Police Station, attacked by the police, can now become the mayor to be in charge of that same Police Department. I am the American Dream. I am a New York story.” He also assured the day he was imposed in the primary elections last June.



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